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The Safe Usages of Drilling Equipment

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The drilling equipment is an important unit, which finishes various drilling operation quickly and well. As a result, we have to use it correctly to ensure the safety of drilling equipment and its normal operation. We will introduce the safe usages of some parts of drilling equipment.

1. the derrick of drilling equipment

⑴. During the drilling process, the joint parts of derrick should be strengthened once a month.

⑵. Workers should check the guy rope of derrick regularly in order to avoid the corrosion or no firm installation.

⑶. When putting up the recreational vehicles, please pay more attention not to scrap the derrick.

⑷. Workers are not allowed to carve up the derrick through the use of electro-gas welding.

⑸. When it comes to the handle of accidents, sub-commission and the overall drag of derrick, the installation conditions should be inspected comprehensively before running casing. During the handling of the drilling troubles, the lift force should not more than the safe weight of derrick.

2. the crown block and runner wagon of the drilling equipment

⑴. Workers have to make sure that each pulley should rotate flexibly (It is qualified to rotate freely with hands.). When any pulley is rotated, the near pulleys should not move and there are no loginess, noise and chattering phenomena.

⑵. Each bearing should be fully added grease regularly. When the temperature of bearings is over 70 degree, workers should take actions to reduce the temperature or change the grease.

⑶. When the pulley groove is severely abraded or inclined to other side, workers should change the pulley.

⑷. Workers should make sure that each fixed bolt are all firm and the shield is not touched by the drilling line.

⑸. Workers should make sure that there is no crack in the each steel weld.

3. the hook of drilling equipment

⑴. Workers should check the brake apparatus of coupler shank, safe locking device of fore shaft and the blocking device of hook before using it. In addition, they should check the flexibility of the oscillation of coupler shank and the swing lifting ring of the hook.

⑵. Workers should operate it stably when it begins to rise in order to protect the spring.

⑶. Other running parts should be injected grease regularly.

After the detailed introduction of drilling equipment usage, we believe that you will understand how to use safely drilling equipment during the work time.

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