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The Remarkable Advantage of Reducing Desilter Flow Rates

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When the question of how to protect desilter pops up, most of the oil drilling operators may turn to desilter producers or experts for help and next are some suggestions as well as discoveries offered by these desilter professionals. First of all, it has to be understood that 518 centrifuge central vortex for high liquid level in the suction chamber has the remarkable advantage of reducing flow rates while most of this type of centrifugal pump developed in the past feature lateral vortex entrance for high flow rates.

As a matter of fact, there have been a lot of experiments that are capable of confirming the fact that the energy dissipation of the 518 centrifuge vortices arising in the chamber can be reduced to a much lower level with the help of the utilization of the rotating device in most of the centrifugal pump regimes. What is more, it is widely known that air entrainment in the 518 centrifuge features liquid flows under the influence of arising random vortex, which is a key issue in a variety of hydrodynamic applications in the case of oil drilling operation including the surface flows, desilter pump aspiration conditions, as well as hydraulic installations. To be more specific, when it comes to the study of free 518 centrifuge surface vortex, some detailed research has been carried out so as to locate the vortex formation and its structure in a precise manner and at the same time, analytical expressions in this regard have been derived so as to obtain 518 centrifuge velocity values of the surface vortex under the assistance of the numerical models. In fact, this kind of model has always been used for different geometries in desilter pump intake systems, which is especially true in making connections between the 518 centrifuge solid structure shape and vortex types.

In addition, on the basis of the studies on the decreasing 518 centrifuge pumping systems performances due to such reasons as the negative effect of the air entrained in rotor pumps as well as the submerged vortex, the device has undergone great improvement in recent years under the study of desilter suction chamber flow at the minimum level in the vortex. However, it has to be pointed out that the occurrence does not induce instability one hundred percent when the 518 centrifuge is functioning since instabilities might be caused by some implicit modifications of parameters in other related facilities including the drive load variations, vibrations and noise as a result of fatigue in some sections of desilter installations. To conclude, the boundary loss of prime 518 centrifuge can be determined according to the prediction of suction vortices so as to check their applicability.

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