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The Reasons of Maintaining the Desander

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The good and bad performance of the mechanical equipment has a great influence on the construction quality in the middle of the construction with the development of the domestic economic construction. Therefore, increasing the performance of the desander growingly is crucial to the desander , and the maintenance is one of the important factors of increasing the performance of the desander, which is why to maintain desander.

With the increasing development of science and technology and wide application of new technology as well as new technique, there are more and more kinds of equipments with more complex structure and more superior performance, requiring more to the operation of the machines and maintenance technology to the equipment. Therefore, the judgment and maintenance to the machines is a necessary skill for the operators.

The precondition and basis of the usage of the equipment is the daily maintenance. In the middle of being used in different environment, it is easy to wear off the parts of the machines to affect the original balance of the machines. After a long period of using, the stability, reliability as well as using effects will be reduced, leading to the loss of inherent performance. And there is no doubt that changing the equipment or maintaining the equipment in a large scale will add to the cost for the engineering industries. Therefore, it is necessary to build reasonable maintenance system, increase the force that is used in the daily management of the machines and set out maintenance schedule in a scientific and reasonable way on the basis of integrating theory and practice.

In addition, how to maintain the equipment should have a detailed and reasonable plan. The first one is to strength the daily maintenance of the desander. It is possible to set up some award and punishment system to mobilize the positivity of the workers. The maintenance work should be paid attention to from the very beginning. We have discussed why to maintain desander, so we know that it is important to carry out the maintenance of the desander effectively. Apart from the maintenance work, it is necessary to check the desander regularly. The checking content includes the daily running condition of the desander, running time, maintenance times and other data to judge the potential problems of the desander, avoiding the breakdown as much as possible.

What’s more, it is necessary to strength the management and monitor to the desander. The operators should know the performance of the desander well and set up science and reasonable maintenance plan according to the performance of the desander and resource allocation of the industries, avoiding the waste of the capacity. Finally, the operators and maintenance personnel should strength their skills and learn more about the performance of the desander to remove the problems in time.

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