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The Reasons of Choosing Mud Agitator

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The first reason of why to choose mud agitator is due to its function. The mud agitator is to keep the uniformity of the mud agitator and make the solid particles suspend so as to carry out series and reliable oil drilling solid control system to the drilling fluid. And the mud agitator is mainly used to stir and combine with the drilling fluid so as to prevent the drilling fluid particles from being deposited inside of tank circulation system to make the drilling fluid possess stable performance and uniform combination.

Another reason of why to choose mud agitator is due to its structure.

1. The mud agitator adopts reducer with favorable engagement, which is able to be beneficial to possess reliable performance and high efficiency as well as compact structure similar to vacuum degasser.

2. Use the reducer to connect to the explosion proof electric machine with simple maintenance, which means that the mud agitator is able to work in poor working condition.

3. And the mud agitator possesses large stir strength with large range, which is able to reduce the starting resisting torque.

4. And the electric machine should be placed in a horizontal way to make sure the installation and adjustment as well as exchange of the desilter.

Another reason why to choose mud agitator is due to its maintenance and preservation. It is necessary to put the mud agitator steadily and remember to screw on the fastened bolts of the bed. And remember to adjust the coaxiality and weld four hole-seats on the tank. And the rigid coupling of the mud agitator should be added to spring pads with reliable and solid performance, or it is easy to arouse the deflection of the impeller, accelerating the abrasion of the reducer. It is also necessary to check whether there is strange noise inside of the mud agitator, and whether there is too high temperature of the mud agitator, or it is necessary to stop the equipment to check and eliminate the trouble. And t is also necessary to lube the equipment frequently so as to make sure the normal running of the mud agitator, especially some rotating parts.

All in all, the reason why to choose mud agitator is because of the advantages of the mud agitator. The combination of gear tank and blades can fit for most of the requirements. And the deeper the content is, the higher the efficiency of the mud agitator has. And the mud agitator is capable of having cutting ability according to the design production. Actually, the reason why to choose mud agitator is not only due to its performance, but also because of its high efficiency. Therefore, the mud agitator is playing a more and more crucial role in oil drilling industry.

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