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The Reason for the Choice of Solid Control System

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Energy is the basis of the any activity. ATP is a kind of energy for human beings, which leads people to run and laugh, electricity is a kind of energy for lights, which leads the light to spread in the dark and oil is a kind of energy for cars, which leads the speed to rise up and down. Oil is a the basic energy for many things, not only cars but also some of important machine which improve our daily living standard or push our technology to grow fast. Oil is an important resource in the world, however, it is also difficult to catch because it stores underground. Going down the thick rock for hundreds and thousands of miles, we can then touch the place of the storage of the oil. In a nut shell, to get oil from the underground is quite difficult but we need oil to change out life to better and better. As a result, a kind of machine is invented to reach tough task and it is solid control system with centrifugal pump .

Solid control system is widely used in the exploiting oil. However, the amazing invention is not the same as it was invented before. For the higher and higher requirement of the oil, the solid control system has been improved and improved again. The principle of the improvement is to reduce the cost, clean up cost and disposal cost of the operation of the solid control system. In the late 19th century, the first change was appeared in the solid control system. It is incredible that the open earthen pits are used in the separation of the pieces from the big hole on the ground.

This is the hard effort made by the centrifugal pump. With passing time and developing technology, the next innovation occurred 1930s through the introduction the shale shaker. The centrifugal pump as the important part of the solid control system has maintained from that now on. At the same time, there was another solid control system was created, called cone classifier or hydrocyclone on the basis of the high velocity of the drilling fluid rotating in the machine. And also the con classifier becomes one of the parts of today’s solid control system .

As a result, the high-speed centrifuge of the centrifugal pump has achieved so that the efficiency of mining process and effect of the product has been crazily improved. With the improvement of the technology, a closed loop system has been added into the solid control system so that the solid control system becomes green and cost-saving. The drilling liquid circularly runs in the solid control system when the oil becomes more and more pure. In a nut shell, solid control system has experienced several great changes and improvements so that it is sure that the solid control system nowadays must be the useful and efficient and cost saving machine. Why to choose solid control system and it can show its great ability in the mining industry and bring about changing in the drilling fluid.

There is no denying that the improvements the solid control system has faced establish the solid control system which is the better choice for the mining industry. It is because of the changes and improvements that the solid control system with centrifugal pump becomes popular and really functional. So why not choose the solid control system in your mining industry?

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