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The Prospect of VSM Shaker Application

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The VSM shaker occupies huge applications which make it commonly seen in all aspects of our life. It needs to use various types of shakers in the processing and manufacturing. The shaker, such as brandt shaker , is mainly used in mining, coal, building materials, light industry, medicine and other industries. VSM shaker as an elliptical shaker is used more frequently than other types. The prospect of VSM shaker application is good.

At present, the main screening equipments in the domestic quarry are mainly circular shaker and linear shaker. Linear shaker is generally installed horizontally, which occupy small space. Its carrying ability is high. But the material can’t be screened completely. So the screening efficiency is low and it can be blocked easily. Circular shaker uses single unbalanced vibrator to make the tank vibrate. It has only one kind of acceleration. So the effect of loosing material is good. The probability of blocking the mesh is small. But it is disadvantageous for the delivery of materials. Because of the inclined installation, it will cause a significant increase in the height of shaker and plant. So it also affects the screening efficiency.

In recent years, there is a new type of elliptical shaker in the foreign market, which VSM shaker belongs to. It has the benefits of circular shaker and linear shaker. It’s easy to eject materials plugged in the mesh. VSM shaker has high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. Because of the horizontal installation, it can reduce the height of the unit efficiently. It can meet the needs of large or medium-sized mobile screening unit very well. VSM shaker has the advantage s of the circular shaker’s and linear shaker’s. In most situations the projection angle is about 45o. Its long axis can be regarded as mainly to transport materials and the short axis plays an important role of promoting the material to loose and to be rearranged. Therefore, VSM shaker has a good trajectory characteristic that is suitable for screening material. Under the conditions of the same output, it needs smaller screening area. If the feeding amount or screening area is the same, it will have good screening effect. This characteristic is more suitable for materials that are difficult to screen.

With the increasing demand of domestic and international market for mobile units, there is no doubt that VSM shaker has more advantages than circular shaker and linear shaker. The materials’ motion state in the sieve exterior should be consistent with the screening requirements, so that the material can make throwing motion on the screen. The main purpose of throwing motion is to make materials loose completely and to rearrange the different size particles. Meanwhile, VSM shaker can avoid material slithering and reduce the wear of sieve surface. The speed of forward movement will directly affect the processing capacity of VSM shaker.

With the advantages of circular shaker and linear shaker, the prospect of VSM shaker application will be very good. It will be used more widely than other type shakers.

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