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The Prospect Forecast of the Desander

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As an important device that is used in oil drilling, the desander is facing wide and bright future. There is no doubt that the rising of the oil drilling industry brings great opportunities to the drilling devices such as desander. In addition, in recent years, the oil industry had been a crucial industry that has influence on the national economy. China has a long history of oil drilling, which lays a solid foundation for economy. And the international development of the oil and the price rise of the crude oil largely pull the demand and development of the oil drilling device manufacturing.

As a matter of fact, the oil drilling devices includes the oil drilling machine, pumping unit, oil extraction equipment, wellhead equipment as well as well control equipment. And the desander belongs to the well control equipment. According to the condition of world energy development, the oil drilling desander and other oil drilling equipments has infinite development prospect. Since the crude oil price has come out the effect of financial crisis, it is increasing gradually, which brings the demands of higher level oil drilling machines and service. In addition, view from the current national economic development, China has a high degree of dependency on oil consumption. Therefore, the oil drilling as well as oil drilling equipment has a bright future in China. The desander prospect forecast and other oil drilling equipments considerable. And among all kinds of oil drilling devices, the wellhead drilling device and well control equipment has brighter future because of the influence of national crude oil. And due to the security assurance of the oil drilling equipment, it is necessary to maintain the devices frequently, which brings large interest to the oil drilling equipment manufacturers.

The current condition both at home and at abroad open a wide market for oil drilling equipment. As an important part of the well control equipment, the desander prospect broadcast is positive and bright. What’s more, there is 4 % oil well increasing each year according to the statistic of British Petroleum Company. As for the maintenance of the oil drilling equipment, there is nearly 0.9 million units of well control devices each year. As we all know, China is a large equipment manufacture country all over the world. Therefore, the large demand of the oil drilling equipment brings large development opportunities to our country.

In conclusion, from any aspects of the oil drilling, no matter in the aspect of national condition of China or current economy condition, as an important part of the oil drilling equipment, the desander prospect broadcast is absolutely bright and wide.

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