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The Proper Operation of the Decanter Centrifuge

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The decanter centrifuges together with mud agitator , shale shaker as well as other kinds of devices are important oil drilling tools that have been used in oil drilling industry. And after a long period time, the decanter centrifuge is easy to break down. Therefore, it is necessary to operate the decanter centrifuge well to protect the decanter centrifuge.

However, how to protect decanter centrifuge? The first factor is the proper operation of the decanter centrifuge.

1. Compared to lente filter, the decanter centrifuge is necessary to update and change its components 7 to 9 weeks.

2. And under normal condition, the decanter centrifuge should be changed for 5 to 6 months to keep the normal running.

3. Before installing all kinds of filtering devices, it is forbidden to open the packaging bag or packaging film. And it is necessary to be partial to deposit filter according to the label on the packaging box. And in the middle of the carrying, it is possible to handle it gently so as to avoid severe vibration and crash.

4. As for the high efficiency filter, the components of it should have accurate performance. When use floor plate units on the vertical device, the corrugated plate should be perpendicular to the ground. And the filter should be installed between vertical and frame, and the welds are forbidden to leak, transform, break or droppedgum. And after installing, it is necessary to keep the clean inside of the tubes without dust, greasy dirt, corrosion as well as sundries.

5. As for how to protect decanter centrifuge , it is necessary to pay attention to the installation of the decanter centrifuge. And the direction of the arrows on the outer frame should be accord with the direction of the airflow. When carry out vertical installation, and direction of the fold of the filter paper should be perpendicular to the ground.

6. The transportation and storage of the decanter centrifuge should conform to the pointed direction of the manufacturers. And the careless loading and unloading is forbidden.

7. Another aspect of how to protect decanter centrifuge is to check before installation of the decanter centrifuge. It is necessary to check on the scene taking apart the outer packaging. And the inspection includes whether there is damage on filter paper, sealing and frame, whether the size of side length, catercorner and thickness meet the requirements, whether there is rag and rust on the frame, whether there is manufacturer certificate and whether the technological performance of the decanter centrifuge is able to satisfy design demand or not.

8. And it is also possible to check the leakage before using the decanter centrifuge.

9. Under regular service condition, the decanter centrifuge should be washed ad exchanged one or two months a time. The exchanged filter materials can be soaked and washed by clear water with cleanser. Exchange then after drying. After washing of one or two times, it is necessary to change the filter machine to make sure the filtering efficiency of the decanter centrifuge.

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