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The Present Situation And Improvement Measures of Solid Control System

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The drilling fluid circulating tank.

The tank volume should be big enough to accommodate the maximum circulation of drilling fluid during the drilling the drilling process, and it should have enough reserving capacity. What’s more, it should own the ability to participate in circulation timely and handle emergency conditions at any time. In recent years, with the constant expansion of overseas markets and improved requirements of solid control system, such phenomenon occurs that the drilling fluid circulation tank is expanding blindly.

The technological process of solid control system and complete sets of solid control equipment .

The technological process of the whole set should satisfy the 5 levels of solid control system and mud compound requirements. The improved equipment are very important and all levels of this system should be matched with each other. The separation spacing should be appropriate and have some overlaps, so that the incomplete handled small particles can still be processed at the next level.

The working process of the cyclone and supporting equipment.

The main quality index of the cyclone is wear resistance, and the performance of the cyclone is separation size. The lower the separation size, the better the separating effect. In the configuration of desander and desilter, we should pay attention to the separation of particles, which not only requires a certain spacing, but also a certain overlap.

The technological process of drilling fluid centrifuge.

After applying the process of drilling fluid, the drilling fluid centrifuge has played a more and more important role, many drilling crews are equipped with two centrifuges. It is worth noting that equipped with two sets of centrifuges which are exactly same in technical performance, we should adopt the parallel process in order to mutually standby or to increase the capacity of drilling fluid during fast drilling.


First, on the basis of minimum volume drilling fluid which is required to fill the hole drilling, add up 50 percent of safe volume as the using volume for drilling fluid solid control system, and then the volume of the whole system will be twice as big as the former.

Second, choose the right shale shaker which owns good performance and reasonable structure design, and select suitable quantity of drilling fluid shale shakers and right size of screen mesh according to the property of drilling fluid.

Third, choose right desander and desilter which have reasonable matching parameters, use series of process , and then achieve good effects of desanding and desilting.

Finally, combine the medium-speed centrifuge with the high-speed centrifuge, so that the life cycle can be improved and the driling speed can be increased.

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