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The Precautions of Operating Sand Pump

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With the rapid development of technology, sand pump has become one of the most important instruments. Normally, people apparently can lower the cost of production by using the sand pump. The mining could be easier through flushing placer with high-speed fluids. Besides, people can also use the fluids with high energy produced by sand pump convey cores in order to screen the useful mineral products. However, it’s always wise to understand the work principle of sand pump in case of the condition that you have to slow down the whole projection progress. Well, you can quickly select the best appropriate repair scheme while knowing the work pattern of sand pump. Thus here’s some critical information about the basic principle of sand pump, which may help you maintaining and repairing sand pump.

Sand pump plays a role in transferring mechanical energy to the kinetic energy of fluids by a core motor. When the machine works, the impellers installed on the motor keep rotating continuously, this can produce the huge pressure on the fluids in the motor. As a result, the mixed liquids will flow out of the sand pump at a high speed. Therefore centrifugal force supports the whole power of the system. Hence, sand pump is also regarded as a kind of centrifugal mud pump. However, you also need to pay much attention on the categories of impellers.

On the condition that you select the suitable impellers, you can save lots of electricity used to run the machine. Some famous producers such as Chengdu West Petroleum Equipment have many special designed impellers in the specially-made shape. With this kind of special impellers, the percent conversion of mechanical energy could reach a very high level. Anyway the impeller is the most important part of the sand pump for the reason that the abrasion of impeller will keep increasing sharply since the work begins. Also the impeller is one of the most flimsy components. Thus, if you suddenly find that the efficiency of machine remains lowing, you should check the statement of impellers firstly. To raise the work efficiency of sand pump, some kinds of sand pumps have two or more impellers, which are called multistage centrifugal pump. In practically, multistage centrifugal pump has a stronger engine power than the ordinary types of sand pump, which is definitely suitable to the big projects. As the years goes by, the cores inside the mixed fluids will do much harm to the impellers, which can worsen continuously the surface of impellers. Thus, my advice is that you need to be careful for the condition of impellers.

On the basis of basic introduction above, I think you have already known some precautions about operating sand pump. Anyway, the most important advice is that you always need to pay attention on maintaining the heath of the impellers!

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