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The Precautions About Mud Agitator

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Undoubtedly, mud agitator has become one of the most important devices in the fields of mining, drilling and many other industries. In the modern world, the demand for energy remains rising sharply for many years. With the rapid development of society and economy, more and more oil and other kinds of fossil energy need to be mined. In order to control the exploiting cost and lower the pollution, generally people will pump a kind of chemical solution called drilling fluids into the borehole. Obviously, pumping drilling fluids has many advantages. First, the drilling fluids can help to balance the temperature underground, which is really important for those working workers. Second, drilling fluids can lubricate the drilling bit. As a result, the service life of drilling devices can be prolonged. However, the drilling fluids need to be processed before pumping again. People will remove the solids in the drilling fluids by using the solid control system. Mud agitator is responsible for the former disposition. Thus the performance of mud agitator does have an influence on the sequence processing effect. Hence there is some critical information you should know quite well such as how to install mud agitator and so on.

As the development of technology, now you can easily find a variety of mud agitators in the market. For now, you can nearly select suitable types of mud agitators to all the conditions. There’re different types of impellers and impeller blades you can choose. Generally speaking, we can approximately classify the impellers into two main types, which are radial flow impeller and axial flow impeller according to the flowing direction of the drilling fluids when the machine is working. Also there’re three main types of impellers blades, which are flat blade, canted blade and contour blade. When the drilling fluids with many solids have flowed into the mud agitator, the rotating impellers will make sure that all the solids can be suspended uniformly in the drilling fluids. Normally, you need to fasten the mud agitator in order to avoid dangerous exceptions. For the reason that the impellers will keep rotating at high speed, you cannot be too careful to ensure that the whole machine is already fixed tightly. Furthermore, the condition of impellers is also a quite important precaution you should check timely.

On the basis of introduction above, we can clearly see that how to select and install a mud agitator have many of questions deserving our attentions. However, being careful is always wise.

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