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The Physical Properties of the Vacuum Degasser?

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Advantages and disadvantages of the performance of drilling fluid often depend on the drilling speed and the quality. And it is also directly associated with blowout, lost circulation and sticking accidents. In conventional drilling and underbalanced drilling operation process, the various types of gas tend to invade into the drilling fluid, which reduces the drilling fluid density and improve the viscosity. And the liquidity becomes poor. By careful analysis and field practice, people develop a vacuum degasser. Usually you just need one-time treatment to remove the gases which are mixed with the drilling fluid. It can basically restore original drilling fluid performance to ensure normal drilling, while the drilling speed is improved greatly.

Vacuum degasser uses vacuum pump suction function to cause pressure zone in the vacuum tank. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, mud comes into the hollow shaft of rotor through the straw. Then by the window around the hollow shaft, the mud jets into the tank wall. The drilling fluid will be part in thin layers because of the collision and separating wheels. Bubbles which are immersed in the mud will break with the gas evolution. Through vacuum pump suction and the separation of gas water separator, the gas is exhausted to the safe area by the pipe line of the separator. And the mud is discharged outside the tank by the impeller. Because the main motor first starts, the impeller which is connected with the motor is in a state of high-speed rotating. So the mud can only go into the tank from the suction pipe and it will not be inhaled from the drainage pipe.

The structure characteristics of a vacuum degasser are mainly because the use of vacuum pump. The vacuum pump can stuck mud into the vacuum tank and the vacuum pump plays an important role in the two different functions. In the process of work, water ring vacuum pump is always under isothermal condition. Thanks to the suitable water ring vacuum pump for the flammable an explosive gas auction, the performance suction can still be trusted. Through the window mud slips into the walls at a high speed, the bubbles completely break and the degassing effect is good. If the main motor offsets, center of gravity is lower. The belt drives to avoid the complicated retarding mechanism. Application of steam separator will not result in the elimination of water and gas at the same time. This makes the exhaust pipe always open. Additional, it still can supply water inside the vacuum pump circularly to save water. Suction tube is inserted into the mud tank. In the case of mud airless leaching, it can be used as a powerful blender.

The development of vacuum degasser provides convenience for many industries. At present, the domestic vacuum degasser is developing towards high quality and energy conservation. We can believe that in the near future, the vacuum degasser will get further improvement to meet more requirements.

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