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The Overview of the VSM Shaker

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Some shale shaker manufacturers are responsible to carry out simple train for VSM shaker users so as to make sure they can use VSM shaker smoothly. And the VSM shaker, together with mud gun, is necessary in the middle of drilling wells. Due to its favorable reputation and reliable quality, it has been popular among all shake shakers. Different methods of relative movement between mud and vibrating surface determine different screening ways. The screen process is a kind of materials that are integrated by different granularity. And the process of filtering is a process of separating materials with different particles. Those particles that are larger than the screen holes will be kept, and particles are smaller than the screen holes are filtered.

Another simple train for VSM shaker users is to make them know the different screening ways of the VSM shaker. The first filtering way is push filtering method. Several screen face make up the gratings to lead the materials to move forwards according to its rotation. And all the moving elements are responsible for the movement of the whole VSM shaker. Another method of filtering materials is mobile filtering methods. The gravity function makes the materials can fall down smoothly. However, this kind of filtering method possesses low filtering accuracy as well as filtering speed with small operation ability. In addition, there is also vibration filtering method as well. It is possible to place the screen face both horizontally and vertically. When operation, the screen face will carry out forward and backward movement. In addition, pay attention to that the filtering face should be placed in an inclined way. Another method of filtering materials for stack sizer is rolling method. In the middle of running the VSM shaker, it is possible to rotate it with the same speed. And there is also casting filtering method. The filtering face carries out movements inside of the screening face. And the movement track of the filtering face can be adjusted arbitrarily. And materials are thrown to move forward on the vertical surface. It is the fundamental filtering method in modern society. And compare to other kind of filtering methods, this kind of screening way has obvious superiority when filtering mud with hard and large grains.

Another simple train for VSM shaker users is to filter the mud with fine particles. Although the particles are smaller than the holes of the VSM shaker screen, they pass through the screen with different degrees as well. Experienced workers understand that it is easy to filter the mud with small particles. The particles that have similar size or larger size to the filtering hole are hard to pass through. Therefore, that is easy to set inside of the screen.

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