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The Overview of the Drilling Equipment

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Generally speaking, what is drilling equipment ? The drilling equipment is a kind of device that is used in well drilling or oil drilling industry. It is the fundamental and crucial part in oil development or well drilling. And the drilling equipment is composed of surface device, specialized drilling tolls and drilling instrument. And if classified according to function, the drilling equipment is able to be classified into rotation system, promotion system, circulation system, power and transmission system as well as control system.

The rotation system refers to dial on the wellhead of drilling platform. When rotating, it is possible to drive drilling stem and drilling head to drill spirally through Kelly bar. And when using under well power drilling tolls to drive the rotation of the drilling heads, the dial is to bear the reaction torque. And the promotion system consists of a series of hoisting equipment. All these tools are used to control the drilling pressure in the middle of using the drilling equipment.

What is drilling equipment? Actually, it is a kind of device for oil drilling. Therefore, the mud circulation system is important to the performance of the drilling equipment. The mud circulation system is composed of mud pump, high pressure mud pipelines, water tape, drilling head as well as mud solid control system. Its function is to keep the circulation of the mud and wash the bottom of the drilled well. The mud pump is able to absorb mud through mud pool and pour mud into drilling stem through surface mud pipelines and water tape. There are all three kinds of mud pump, double cylinder, double-application piston as well as three cylinder single-application piston. The latter has the features of uniform displacement, high pressure, small pressure wave and size, light weight as well as easy components exchanging and maintenance. The water tap is to connect spiral drilling stem and fixed water hose, so as to keep the mud loop.

As for the solid control system, it is the core system of the drilling equipment. If you want to know what is drilling equipment, it is better to know the solid control system first. The function of the solid control system is to clear off useless solid particles. It includes shaker screen , degretting machine, desilter , degasifier as well as centrifugal machine.

The power and transmission system is the delivering part of what is drilling equipment. Its main function is to transmit the mud to targeted places. As for the control system of what is drilling equipment, it is to coordinate the work of all parts of the drilling equipment. Its main work is to cooperate and coordinate.

All in all, what is drilling equipment, the drilling equipment is a kind of device that is used to carry out oil development or drill wells.

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