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The Optimum Operational Conditions for the Mud Agitator

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If desander buyers investigate into the impact of different Mud agitator as well as temperatures on the extracting efficiency of oil drilling operations when the mass fraction of the extracting agent is around four percent and the extracting time is around twenty minutes, we may find that the mass ratio of reagent and sand is a settled figure even though the oil yield might increase with the rising of temperature. According to scientific research results, before the Mud agitator temperature reaches eighty degrees in a linear fashion, the oil yield will increase slowly so that once the temperature is over ninety degrees, the oil yield will reach ninety five percent or even more, which is mainly because of the fact that in case of a low temperature, the Mud agitator surfaces are ambiguous due to the layered effect and a lower oil yield while in case of a high temperature, the mean kinetic energy of the Mud agitator increases so that it will reduce the viscosity of the oil sand and at the same time, loosen the molecular arrangement on the surface in a natural manner.

Besides that, the thermal expansion of Mud agitator will also reduce the viscosity ability of the Desander and the density of oil-water as the temperature rises as long as the oil extracted continuously float upward in clusters which makes the Mud agitator much easier to separate with the sand. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the surface between oil and the Mud agitator is quite clear with a better layered effect even under higher temperatures or the increases of evaporation velocity, which is adverse to the stirring extraction of oil sand and higher energy consumption. Therefore, to be more specific, if we take all the factors above into consideration, the optimum operational conditions for the Mud agitator can be achieved at the temperature of ninety degrees and the impact of different Mud agitator mass fraction on extracting efficiency can be changed in terms of the mass ratio even when the data is within the range of four to five percent while the oil yield will increase slowly. As a matter of fact, once the Mud agitator mass fraction reaches five percent, the oil yield will reach the highest level, which is closely related to whether the oil well has fully reacted with the effective components in the reagents in many aspects since when the Mud agitator mass fraction is low, the hydrocarbon components in the drilling products may have inadequate reaction. To conclude, the Mud agitator is beneficial for desander buyers to improve the oil yield along with the increase of the mass fraction.

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