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The Optimization of Mission Pump Performance

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Mission pump is used to deal with drilling fluid which has been widely considered to be an important environmental factor in the oil drilling process due to the fact that a certain amount of drilling fluid density is required so as to obtain certain objectives such as getting enough pressure to avoid the flow of formation fluids, which is also crucial when we choose vacuum degasser. It is a truth universally another important factor concerning the Mission pump is the effect of the overall hydraulics to the entire drilling operation which is influenced by many factors such as type of the Mission pump bit as well as the Mission pump pressure and temperature conditions. A series of oil drilling Mission pump parameters as well as the rheological properties of the drilling fluid of need to be considered in terms of the penetration performance that mainly depends on the function of the controllable and environmental factors. It has been observed that the Mission pump drilling rate of penetration in general increases with decreased circulating density inside the Mission pump. According to scientific research results, in spite of the fact that the optimization of the drilling performance without any doubt can be realized with the help of Mission pump even in a field development context even though it requires a lot of data acquisition as well as relevant measurement of the oil drilling data both in the surface and deep down in a real time manner, which means the Mission pump processing will lead to choose vacuum degasser steady drilling as well as in the case of drilling response optimization and drilling parameters adaptation.

As a matter of fact, the Mission pump surface data allows the tracking of the oil drilling behavior, which is especially vital when the full Mission pump bit design is provided with detailed information on needs of pumping energy distribution, orientation and position thanks to the bit signature that we can assess on a real time basis with regard to the drilling performance. It has been proven that the wear phenomena of the Mission pump can be tracked and the vibrations can also be monitored using the surface data since Mission pump real time services provides the decision maker with the information needed to modify and choose vacuum degasser the oil drilling parameters so as to increase the Mission pump service life and to reduce the Mission pump vibrations. With the help of the parameters logs that are recorded during drilling operation, Mission pump users can also go over the oil well conditions one after another and lessons can be learned in a smart manner, which leads to the construction of a database marked by improved performance.

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