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The Operation of Desander

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Actually, buying the device especially mechanical devices is extremely expensive. In the middle of using desander, it is possible to operate the desanders in a proper way. And how to use desander in a suitable way is also important to promote the quality and service life of the desander . And main function of the desander is to separate solid particles from liquid materials. And the strong degritting capacity makes the desander play an important role in oil development and water treatment. With more and more oil is being required, it is necessary to use more and more tools in oil developing with higher technology. Its important position makes how to use desander properly extremely crucial.

As a matter of fact, the desander is able to be used in any industries which need to separate materials with different situation or to degrit the impurity inside of the materials. With the promotion of science and technique, the desander can be used in more and more fields. However, among so many applications, the most popular usage of the desander is to degrit impurity in oil developing industry and to refine water in water treatment system.

Well, how to use desander properly? The desander is able to create different types to be used in many other kinds of industries. In domestic oilfields, the desander is used in well drilling and oil filtering. Both of these desanders are equipped with high filtering ability and working efficiency. Some kinds of desanders are designed with two styles--manual operation and automatic operation to protect environment and use the materials fully. The desander has flexible filter screen, which can be adjusted according to the heavy of the impurity.

As for foreign oilfield, there are two methods of how to use desander. The desander used in foreign countries has strong filtering ability due to its secondary filter. After being filtered twice and more and more fined holes of the screen, it is possible to filter the materials with any size and heavy. The desander mainly consists of main part and storage tank on the bottom. Under the function of centrifugal force, the materials are able to be separated due to different density. And different materials will be discharged from different outlets to avoid waste. Therefore, in the middle of using the desander, how to use desander properly relates to whether able to filter the materials in a reasonable way.

Of course, the maintenance of the desander is also included in how to use desander properly. The maintenance is to prolong the using period of the machines. Together with proper operation, it is possible to make the using period of the desander longer. Therefore, we can see from this that how to use desander properly is crucial.

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