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The Operation and Maintenance of the Mud Gun

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Actually, the mud gun is commonly seen in oil drilling industry. The shale shaker, agitator, mud gun, desander as well as stack sizer are all crucial parts of the solid control system of the oil drilling project. In order to make sure the using period of the mission pump, it is crucial to protect it from being injured and damaged. There are some regulations to operate and maintain the hydraulic mission pump. And how to protect mission pump becomes a hot topic among mission pump users.

1. The working pressure of the hydraulic system of the mission pump is 16MPa. And the hydraulic oil should choose anti-wear hydraulic oil, which should be checked each month to make sure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, which is supposed to be over NAS 9 level. In addition, it is possible to open the oil filter of the hydraulic station every day and exchange the filter element of the oil filter every day according to the pollution condition.

2. Experience shows that under5 normal working condition, both of the swing mechanism and mud making mechanism of the mission pump are able to satisfy the using requirement. If the pressure set is too high, it is possible to accelerate the wear off of the oil cylinder sealing element, so as to lead to oil leakage of angling cylinder. Do not raise the working oil pressure of hydraulic system due to the hardness of the mission pump.

3. As for how to protect mud gun , actually the running time of the total excursion of the swing mechanism should be 10 to 15 seconds, which is the time that the mission pump rotates from await halting places to iron notch. If the rotation time of the mission pump is less than 9 seconds, then it is easy to cause accidents. For example, the angling cylinder is impacted by the fast speed, causing instant high pressure to lead to the damage and leakage of the sealing elements of the angling cylinder or damage on the piston rod. Even the thread connecting parts of control connecting rod and hang mechanism are easy to loosen, transform as well as break due to the severe impact. In addition, as for how to protect mission pump, it is possible to check the screws of the mission pump regularly. If there is, it is necessary to fasten or change the loose screws to avoid larger accidents.

4. The returned mission pump of the mud making mechanism should be cleaned every day and every shift. Too much mud is going to block the piston and connecting rod.

5. Due to the high temperature and high dust environment of the hydraulic mission pump, all bearings and rotational parts of the mission pump should have enough lube and pay attention to the cleanliness and dust proof. There are totally 20 filling-up area on the mission pump.

6. Another important aspect of how to protect mission pump is to preserve some certain space according to the reference to avoid the piston of the angling cylinder of the mission pump cause impact to the end cap of the oil cylinder.

7. After being blocked iron notch of the mission pump, it is possible to spray cooling water to the mud making mechanism and swing mechanism under the condition of not influencing the iron runner so as to reduce the temperature of med making mechanism to prolong the service life of the sealing loop and plug ring inside of the mud making mechanism, which is important to how to protect mud gun.

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