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The New Type of the Mud Agitator

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A mud agitator is an important part of a surface mud system, which is used for suspending solids and producing homogeneous mixture. A typical mud agitator is the mechanical one, which is driven by a motor that is explosion-proofed. The motor is connected to a gear box, driving the impeller shaft. By the motion of the impeller, mechanical power is transformed into fluid agitation. Both mud agitator and desander are important equipment in mining areas. The agitator is installed on the circulating tank. The fluid is actually agitated by the vanes that dip into the mud. And the mud agitators can be classified as horizontally mounted agitator and vertically mounted agitator. On purpose to keep the mud uniformity and suspend the solids, the mud agitator should be able to be used in successively and steadily. Some small materials like cuttings, sand and silt may pass the mud agitator and are not precipitated. Therefore, a mud agitator is always used with the whole mud system. And this passage will show you a new type of mud agitator.

It consists of an explosion-proof motor, a motor base and a speed reducer and four vanes. The connection between motor and speed reducer, impeller shaft and speeder reducer is connected by steel coupling .And the impeller is welded by four vanes. Strong convection can keep the drilling fluid stirring. Under a high speed circulation, the solid particles will be suspended and the treated drilling fluid will flow out of the agitator. For convenient use, the mud agitator is designed in a compact outlook and the size is small. With such design, the mud agitator will have a good mixing effect. The turbine worm has great efficiency in multiple-direction driving, and the big transmission torque will help to sustain steady operation and reliable running.

And the mud agitator also has several benefits. The products are designed for long-span use, so the motor and the gear are usable for longer period. And the adaptation of the mud agitator requires less space to operate, so it is much easily to handle. The new technology that makes the mud agitator work high efficiently, and under the environment of low noise and low temperature. Moreover, it can be used widely because its adaptability for different application.

The present mud agitator and desander have a good market prospect in the country. For further development, the scientists and researchers should make efforts on studying the technological gap between the domestic products and the foreign products, to launch a deeper research on the theories, and form a comprehensive and systemic acknowledge of the mud agitator, so as to provide essential theory foundation. Besides, they should also compare the domestic and foreign products to find out their distinguished advantages and disadvantages. They should also improve their ability of independent innovation. The last but not the least, they should come up with new methods that focus on the problems in reality, in order to make their products more practical and server the customers.

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