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The Method to Repair Mud Cleaner

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On behalf of repairing mud cleaner , you have to know how the mud cleaner works. And here are the instructions of mud cleaner.

Installed correctly and rationally can effectively remove the harmful solid phase in drilling fluid. The control of drilling fluid viscosity and recovery of useful liquid is of great significance to prolong the life of the cleaner, relieve the workers labor intensity.

1. Install the multi-function vortex mud cleaner in shale shaker, above 1 or 2 drilling fluid tank.

2. The drilling fluid into the mud cleaner must be after a drilling fluid shale shaker handled. Put through power supply, motor start is important; to note direction of rotation should mark and belt cover in the same direction.

3. The idle running shale shaker, check whether it is normal, if the discovery is unusual, the mud cleaner should be timely maintenance.

4. Taut screen mesh. First choose a screen mesh to tension, press the screen mesh with the hand, if it feels moderately elastic, then test run 2 ~ 3 min, and then in the appropriate hold-down bolts, check the tension spring, and its length should be basically the same.

5. When using, if you want to remove sand screen product, do not brush screen row with shovels and other hard objects, in order to avoid damage of screen mesh.

6. flush screen surface at least once per shift (especially when drilling fluid viscosity high), otherwise the stranded in viscous material on the surface of the screen and fine sand can affect the normal use of mesh plug mesh.

7. When you want to stop mud cleaner, you should stop sand pump first, make the shale shaker idling 3 ~ 5 min, and promptly rinse screen surface clean, then stop the vibrating screen.

8. Filling the vibrator bearing butter at a time every day, in case of bearing early damage due to short of oil.

9. The transport of hoisting machine, do not use hard objects placed on a screen surface or feet trample.

10. To prevent debris into the cyclone, work flow and damage to prevent blockage hydro cyclone. 11. To rinse regularly under the discharge chute and vibrating screen plate in case of a tank bottom fouling.

12. The number of sieve mesh. You have to choose the mud cleaner according to the formation and drilling fluid performance. Screen mesh can give full play to the role of the vibrating screen, screen mesh for chip removal, and improve the service life of the screen.

13. When using mud cleaner, the lower breakdown should start the hydro cyclone, vibrating screen and open sand pump; closed cleaner, should first close sand pump, and then close the laundry shale shaker.

If you know all about the knowledge about mud cleaner, you will know how to repair mud cleaner.

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