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The Making Materials and Method of the Desander

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The desander is used in the middle of oil drilling to filter the grit from the pure oil. It has complex structure and several inlets and outlets to separate the solid and liquid materials. The oil enters into the desander through the inlet and forms a high-speed revolution vortex. Under the function of centrifugal force, the grit or sand and oil are separated. And then, they are discharged from different outlet under the functions of gravity and centrifugal force. And some desander is equipped with secondary filter screen to get more pure oil. The oil after filtered is discharged from the top outlet of the desander, and the sand is discharged from the bottom outlet of the desander. The desander moves in circles to filter the oil in the middle of oil drilling.

Although the desander has complex structure, it is able to make it with simple manufacture. In order to make the desander, it is necessary to choose desander materials with good quality, including main steel pipes, short pipes as inlet pipes, bend pipes as outlet pipes, junction pipes to link outlet and ball valve, ball valve to control discharging as well as rebar to support the whole desander.

In the middle of manufacturing, all the desander materials should be in proper length. The dip angle of the inlet pipes should be controlled within 2 to 3 degrees. And its axis should be parallel to the tangent line of the cross section of the main steel pipes with outer edge of one side close tightly to the inside wall of the main steel pipes to guarantee that the oil that enters into the desander can revolve with high speed, which is the key factor that affects the filter effect of the desander. The length of the main steel pipes is 500 mm, the rest 300 mm should be extracted in interval and made into funnel shape. If there is suitable funnel material, it is possible to mould and weld directly. The bottom of the funnel and junctional short pipes are the parts that are most easy to wear. Therefore, the material should be chosen with thick walls. In addition, the ball valve is the wearing part as well because of frequent opening and closing.

And there are some matters should be paid attention to in the middle of desander manufacturing. The junction pipes should be short to make sure the high flow rate of the oil. And it is necessary to keep the desander up right when using it. In addition, before using the desander, it is possible to clear off the accumulated grit or sand first, so that to avoid the blockage of the discharging outlets. The ball valve is able to control the discharging speed of the desander to make sure the grit or sand with heavy weight can be discharged in time.

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