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The Maintenance of Vertical Degasser

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The vertical degasser is a kind of necessary device in drink operating line to eliminate gas inside of the drinks. And the function of the vertical degasser is to eliminate the oxygen in the feed liquid to restrain the oxidation of brown stain, pigment, vitamin, incense ingredient as well as other kinds of materials, which are going to have influence on the quality of the vertical degasser. And it is also possible to eliminate the hanging particle gas attached to the feeling liquid to restrain the particles from floating to keep the favorable appearance. And it is also able to avoid influencing sterilization due to blistering when canning and high temperature sterilization and reduce the corrosion to the inner walls of the vessels and brant screen .

Actually, the vertical degasser maintenance includes proper operation and regular check. And the operation of the vertical degasser should follow some certain orders.

1. It is necessary to check the rotation of the vertical degasser maintenance before powering on. And there are two main possible reasons. The first one is that the low temperature in winter is easy to freeze the drilling fluid inside of the drilling fluid groove and freeze the stirring blades of the vertical degasser. And the second reason is that when the sand carrying capacity of the drilling fluid id too high, when the flowing drilling fluid is static, the sands inside of it will deposit and bury the stirring blades possibly. At this time, if open the vertical degasser directly, it is unable to operate the shock proof motor after powering on, leading to burning up immediately.

2. In the middle of running the vertical degasser, it is possible to resist on patrol inspection which includes whether the vertical degasser is stable or not, whether the motor temperature is normal or not, whether there is obvious reducing rotation speed as well as whether the running of the vertical degasser is smooth and steady, whether the liquid level of the drilling fluid is suitable, whether the deposited sand inside of the drilling fluid groove will influence the rotation of stirring blades, whether the air inlet and air outlet is smooth, whether the connection of vertical degasser and air pipeline is normal, whether there is ponding inside of the gas pipeline. If there are above problems, it is possible to eliminate then and then open the vertical degasser.

3. It is necessary to check the motor protector of the vertical vacuum degasser regularly and change the abnormal components in time. In order not to influence the production of drilling well, it is always to cut out the protector of the vertical degasser. At this time, it is possible to close the power of the vertical degasser after stopping the pump so as to protect the motors. At the same time, it is possible to open the vertical degasser in time after opening the pump to avoid the loss of the materials.

4. Vertical degasser maintenance way is to wash the inflator of the vertical degasser regularly, which is important when there is salt inside of the drilling fluid. The inner part of vertical degasser is composed of air chamber and balance room. And the volume and proportion of these two rooms have some certain regulation. If change them arbitrarily it is possible to influence the degassing efficiency and degassing volume of the vertical degasser. After a long period of using time, there is able to have vast concretion on the walls of the vertical degasser, which I going to not only block the vent holes, but also reduce the effective volume of the inflator, so as to lessen degassing efficiency.

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