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The Maintain of the Shear Pump

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The shear pump consists of pump body, pump cover, wheel gear, axle, bearing housing, seal, baseboard as well as prime mover. Although simple structure, the shear pump has close form and easy installation and maintenance.

The shear pump is installed on a baseboard and driven by belt wheels, narrow V belt as well as explosion-proof electric machines. The high-molecular polymer in the mud has higher molecular weight. If inject directly, it is hard to hydrate. The shear pump equipped with mission pump is able to improve the shearing efficiency and dilute the polymer faster, accelerating the hydration process.

Now, I would like to introduce why to maintain the shear pump for you.

When tear down the shear pump, first tear down the belt pulley elements, and then tear down the filler pressing plate and then the pump body. The next step is to tear down the turbo, shear plate, and strengthen plate and nuts. Keep in mind that if there is not impeller wrench, it is possible to use wooden heel block and wooden hammer to knock the spoke on the back of the turbo. Then to tear down the guard board and vice impeller and packing box. Next, quit the axle sleeve, if the axle sleeve is too tight, it is possible to use wedge block to knock its tail to make it loose. And then exit the bearing cover and bearing assembly form the bearing brackets. Loose the locking washer and take apart the locking nut and locking washer. And then tear down the bearing brackets to exit the bearings, and stack up it with heel blocks, knocking the center of the axle.

And then it is necessary to check. When inspect the impellers, if it has severe cavitation, excessive corrosion, attrition and breakage, it is necessary to change the impeller. If the diameter run-out is over 0.05mm, and the bearing block and seal places are severely grazed and there is damage on the surface of threads on the axle, groove and circular beads, you need to prune the axles. After inspecting, if there is severe damage on the surface of the axle sleeve, you should change a new one on time. And the oil seal must be changed after tearing down. And as for the wearing off antifriction bearings and bearings with noises, they must be changed. And the new bearing cannot be unsealed until changing. And the changed bearings must have the same designation and size as the original one. And the tore down O seal ring should be changed to add to the sheet gasket. There is no need to change it unless there is damage.

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