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The Main Parts of the Drilling Equipment

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The drilling equipment is used to drill holes to exact depths. This tool has more and more used in our life. And the types of drilling equipment are various. There are mainly two types of drilling equipment; it is the bench top drill press and the floor-made drill press. The types of drilling equipment is depends on the working principle of this machine. So the bench to drill press means that the drilling equipment can work on the bench, meanwhile, the floor-model drill press means that the equipment can work on the floor.

Just like other machines in the factory, there are many main parts of the drilling equipment. First we should know the power range. Every machine has its own power range, and the power range is the one of main parts of a machine. And the switch of the drilling equipment is in the power range. The power of most drilling equipment can be switched in three positions, which is high, low and off. When you are using the drilling equipment in different levels, the pressure to drill holes can be different. And the small holes into softer materials can use high range.

The second main part of drilling equipment is the table. The table, which is on the surface of drilling equipment, is used to keep the vise in its place. Table is important for it is the base of drilling equipment. And the table can be swiveled out of the way to make it easier to drill holes in pieces which are oddly shaped. There are columns which can support the table, and the table of drilling equipment can also be adjusted.

The vise is also a main part of drilling equipment. The vise of drilling equipment is used to hold the material which is being drilled stably in place. And there are two jaws that might be brought together by a lever. And the drill chuck and spindle is also main part of drilling equipment. The drill chuck and spindle can be used to create cylindrical holes. So it is the tool such as a drill bit. And depending on the diameter of the largest drill bits, the chucks will come in different sizes. In addition, the spindle holds the cutting tools.

Another main part of drilling equipment is the spindle speed, which can be changed while the motor of the drill equipment is running. There are also two different range of spindle speed which is high and low. When you operate the drilling equipment, you can choose the range in accordance with the size of the drill used and the material being drilled.

There are also some other main parts of drilling equipment, such as feed lever, which can cut holes accurately by raising the drill bit or making it low. And depth gauge, which can control the depth of hole in drilling. You might use the depth gauge when you not want to drill holes which go all the way through the metal.

All the main parts are important for drilling equipment operating. So the worker who operates the drill equipment should get familiar with all of the main parts.

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