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The Main Existing Conditions in Drilling Fluid Solid Control System

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The optimization design of solid control system has been listed in the 1990s as the drilling equipment issue, one of the ten famous subject researches. Through nearly 20 years of development, the drilling manufacturing technology in our country has had a very great enhancement.and the practical use of solid control system has been widely spread. However, despite the great improvement of solid control system design and manufacturing technology, the traditional idea consists that the technology content of the solid control system and its equipment is low. What’s worse, there are many designs and manufacturers, they imitate each other. As a result, the technology innovation will not be too much, which is not able to solve practical problems in daily use.

In addition, the process of the solid control system is not perfect. Its performance is just a single and the efficiency of the solid phase control is low. Because of the rare use of desilter and centrifuge, the tiny solid particles cannot be eliminated efficiently, which makes it difficult to control the drilling fluid solid content and viscosity, and then the drilling speed will be affected and the service life of drilling pump piston and cylinder liner will be decreased as well.

In order to keep the performance of drilling fluid, we can do nothing but add chemicals constantly, which is highly possible to increase the drilling cost and may cause unnecessary consumption. The performance of the drilling fluid solid control system is single, which is not suitable for the requirement of complex drilling operation. What’s worse, it may not be able to realize reasonable recovery of valuable chemicals. Thus, it is important to find a way to meet the requirement of mud for different geological structure and drilling process periods, and of course, the reasonable recovery ability of valuable chemicals is also needed.

Furthermore, the capacity of every single drilling fluid storage tank is too small to satisfy the needs of drilling construction in practice. If the down hole of the well is complex, then the reserve tankhas to be used to compensate for the drilling fluid. So it is very important to choose the suitable capacity, since it can not only to guarantee the security and improve operating efficiency, but also can save the resource consumption and protect the environment.

Here is another example. The electrical circuit of the drilling fluid storage tank is installed with open wire, so that conditions may occur that the site layout is messy, which is not convenient for every move and it may not be too safe.

In a word, we should pay more attention when using the solid control system and take full use of it, we believe that with your carefulness, all these troubles can be handled and it can cost you smaller with better benefits.

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