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The Main Body of Drilling Equipment

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The rig hoisting system for drilling equipment focused on removing the drilling tools and the casing and controlled bit pressure and bit feed. The drilling equipment is equipped with a lifting device, which is mainly made up of the winch, the auxiliary brake, the traveling system and the derrick. And so forth.

Broadly speaking, the drilling equipment includes complete sets of equipment for drilling, special drilling tools and drilling instruments. If according to the function, it can be divided into these main parts including the system of rotation, the hoisting system, the cycling system, the power system, the system of transmission and controlling system etc.

The main devices of rotating system are installed on the turntable in the wellhead of the drill floor. When rotating, the drill stem and bit are driven into rotating by drill pipe. When using a downhole motor to drive the drill bit rotating, the turntable will withstand reverse torque.

The hoisting system consist of the winch, the derrick, the crane, the traveling block, the hook and the wire rope etc. a set of lifting equipment. The winch is mainly used for drilling, pressure control when drilling with casing and drill. The derrick is used to place the crane and hang the traveling block, hooks and other lifting equipment and tools, as well as, storing the columns.

The mud circulating system mainly consist of mud pump, the high pressure slurry pipelines, the fire hose, the tap, the drill stem and the mud solids control equipment and other components. The function of the system is maintenance of mud circulation, to flush the bottom and pass the mud with high pressure to inject energy into it.

Power and transmission system include engine and Desander. The engine is mainly made up of diesel engine, electric motor or gas turbine. Transmission unit consists of the chains, the belts, the gears, the mechanical transmissions, the hydraulic and the electric drives, the winch; power is delivered to the turntable, mud pumps and other machines.

The controlling system makes all units coordinate the work by drilling process needs. The well-control equipment is important equipment which is used to ensure safety for oil and gas drilling. The controlling system include the blowout preventers, the choke manifold, kill manifold, mud-gas separator. And so on. The blowout presenter is used to stop the well spewed mud and oil, gas and water. Now the blowout preventers mainly have three types like ram type preventer, the rotating blowout preventer and the universal blowout preventer. They are installed in the wellhead of drill floor, respectively, for closing annulus and all the wellhead between the casing and the drill stem. In addition, the blowout preventer is used to close internal space of drill inside the drill stem. Modern drilling equipment are equipped with several different types of the blowout preventer, make up the wellhead blowout preventers groups that control different drilling situations.

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