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The Introduction of the Shale Shaker Feeder

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The shale shaker is widely used in many industries. There are some famous brands, such as derrick shaker and brandt shaker . The shale shaker feeder is also very useful in many industries. Let’s learn more about it.

The shale shaker feeder in the production line of the sand can feed continuously and uniformly into the crushing machine, avoiding plugging the outlet of crusher. It can screen materials roughly, especially for the aggregate containing large soil and moisture. It is widely used in mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, mineral processing, coal mines and other industries of crushing, screening production line.

The shale shaker feeder can be used to remove the natural materials, transferring and screening materials for the next process. The shale shaker feeder sets the function of screening, transmission and feeding materials in a body. It can display the effect of vibration and screening to the maximum extent under the vibration devices. It has very good comprehensive ability of usage.

The shale shaker feeder is mainly composed of a spring bracket, the feeding trough, vibrator, spring and electrical machinery. The vibrator is composed of two eccentric shafts in a specific position, which is meshed by gears. When you install it, two gears must be meshed according to the mark. The two eccentric shafts rotate driven by the motor, which will generate the huge synthesis force. So the body will be forced to vibrate in the supporting spring. The materials used this vibration as the main vibration power, sliding and throwing in the trough. In this way it can reach the objective that the materials are fed forward. When the materials pass through the trough on the screen, the smaller materials will fall down through the sieve. It won’t pass through the next broken process, which will have the screening effect.

The shale shaker feeder has some features. It can double screen and have the function of both screening and feeding. It has simple structure, and can feeding uniformly. It can operate smoothly, having a good feeding capacity and high efficiency. Its structure is clear, so it’s convenient to adjust, repair, install and maintain. The shale shaker feeder can work stably with low noise, low power consumption and good regulation performance. You can change and control the flow freely. It’s very convenient to operate. The sealing performance is good. It can achieve feeding in completely sealed room. There is no need to eliminate dust or defense against poison gas locally.

Mud return processing will flow to sift through the feeder from wells or cuttings. The machine can be divided into the weir type, the box type and the bucket type. Weir type and box type feeder are mainly used to buffer flow rate of drilling fluid, evenly distributing the fluid on the screen in order to reduce the influence of drilling fluid on the screen. It can extend the life of screen and improve the treatment effect. In addition, the weir type feeder can short-circuit machine when it’s necessary. Hopper feeder is mainly used to collect and distribute the dust sieve dryer.

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