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The Introduction of the Mud Agitator

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The mud agitator and desander are the main equipments that are mainly used in fireproofing and quenching at the underground coal mine.

When producing under the coal mine, the extractive coal seam may spontaneously combust, which may result in dangerous accidents. So it is necessary to take some measure to prevent fire from burning and put out the fire. The previous methods that put out fire by grouting yellow mud to the mine will waste a lot of time. In order to satisfy the demand for prevention and quenching at the first time, new process has been made and applied to the mud system.

The mud agitator consists of a rack, an agitator tank, a mixed motor, a reducer, thick liquid, a slush pump, a motor for slush pump, and a control cabinet. The agitator tank, slush pump and the motor for the slush pump and the cabinet are all fixed on the rack. And the mixed motor and reducer are installed on the agitator tank. Thick liquid is placed under the reducer and there is a port under the agitator tank for revealing out the mud. Such kind of mud agitator is an equipment to put out fire that the control section and agitator section are at the same place. So it is convenient for movement, easy for connection.

When choosing a mud agitator, several points should be bore in mind. If you don’t expect the cuttings crashed in the process of agitation, you had better to prefer a low speed one. Ideas that if the impeller halts and is trapped on the sand setting, it can still restarts fails with the consequences that the motor is burnt our or the vanes are broken. But you can reduce the impact of sand setting by choosing the vanes that can evaluate a certain height after halting. As for the sealing of the mud agitator, packing in V-model may be the most success of remaining self-proclaimed ability. Even if you don’t maintain or adjust it in a regular time, the leaking of lubrication oil seldom occurs. And there are different types of mud agitators and desanders on the market. Those with small vanes and high-speed motor must have a low circulation volume and large shear force. So they are not suitable for the situation when the trilling fluid is quite suspending. Generally speaking, the impeller with a large diameter is more useful. And the applications of turbo-type impellers are widely used now, but the open-type of turbo is the best for your reference. Because it has no disks in the middle, so there won’t be a resistance towards the convective mixing of the liquid from top and bottom.

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