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The Introduction of Oil Drilling Equipment

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The function of the hoisting system is to lift up and put down drilling tools. When the system rise, the winch barrel would be wound on the rope. The crown block and traveling block make up deputy block and tackle. The drilling tools would be raised up when the hook rise with the help of rings and elevator. When putting down the system, the tools drop by gravity. The brake mechanism of winch would help to control rate. Here we are gonna show you introduction of drilling equipment .

The function of rotary system is to drive the drilling tools rotate to break the terrine to pieces. The system is composed of rotary table, tap and drilling tools. The drilling tools are usually different according to different kind of wells, which generally includes drill pipe, drill collar and drill bit. Among these, the bit is the tool used to break rocks directly.

The drilling fluid circulating system is used to bring the chipped stones from the bottom of the well to the ground, so that the drilling progress can be carried on. Meanwhile, the system can help to cool the drill bit and protect the wall in case of the disasters, such as borehole collapse or lost circulation.

Dive system translates the power offered by power equipment and then delivers it to each unit. The dive system commonly consists of reducing gear, speed-shifting mechanism, reversing mechanism and so on.

To make sure the hoisting system, rotary system and drilling fluid circulating system work harmonically and meet the requirement of drilling technology, the control system is essential. There are three kinds of control mode. They are respectively mechanical control, pneumatic control, electric control and hydraulic control.

The derrick and the base are used to support and install various drilling equipment and tools. They provide the place for drilling as well. The derrick can help to install crown block, hang traveling block, hook, swivel and drilling tools. The base is used to install power unit, winch, rotary table and derrick.

The ancillary equipment can make sure the drilling safely and successfully. The drilling equipment has other ancillary equipment, such as BOP stack, which can prevent blowout, and generator set used for lighting and auxiliary power. They also include compressed air systems, water-supply equipment, oil-supply system, etc.

All of the above are the general components of a oil drilling equipment, which must be of high quality. So that the drilling work can be carried on safely and smoothly.

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