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The Introduction of Mud Agitator History

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It’s recorded in the history of mud agitator that agitator is a kind of instrument people use to mix materials. Generally speaking, there’re about three main types of mud agitators that work with derrick screen which are washing machine agitator, magnetic agitator and manual agitator. The manual agitator is one of the most traditional ways to produce the uniform liquids or materials such as dyeing industry and pharmacy industry. In fact, we can easily find the picture relating to manual agitator when watching on TV. Just like that some people living in the past are mixing liquids in a big tank with a stirring rod. However, compared with the two other kinds of agitators, wash machine agitator are more widely used in the fields of mining, construction, drilling and so on. Mud agitator that works with derrick screen is one of the most welcome agitators in market. The modern agitator firstly was invented in the 1980s, which means the history of mud agitator does not have so much impressive stories. Nevertheless, though the technology has progressed a lot, the basic principle of the mixing machine don’t change apparently. The impellers inside the tank keep rotating until the liquids become uniform and all the solids can suspend homogeneously.

Based on history of mud agitator, the power resource of mud agitator which works with derrick screen is a special designed explosion-proof motor, which can drive the impellers. By running of motor, the high-speed rotating impellers support the strong power to fluid circulation in order to maintain the whole mud system. Additionally, the solids in the fluids can be suspended uniformly when impellers rotating strongly, which is quite important to the practical use. Well, currently there’re a variety of mud agitators that have been invented, which are suitable to satisfy people’s all kinds of demands. According to the types of mud agitator mounting, we can clearly find two types of machines, which are horizontally mounted agitator and vertically mounted agitator. Besides, the direction of liquids inside the agitator tank also is divided into two common kinds. So there’re two types of agitator impellers that leads the different direction of fluids agitating, which are radial flow impellers and axial flow impellers. The motion curve of fluids that is agitated by radial impellers present a horizontal circle while the motion curve can emerges a vertical circle if you are agitating the liquids by axial flow impellers. The main different fluids flow direction between radial flow impellers and axial flow impellers is the shape and the angle of the impellers.

When talking about machines of mud agitators that work with derrick screen, I believe everyone won’t miss the screen, which can make sure the solids in the flows could be appropriate and you can get the useful materials by screen. Anyway, as the years goes by, the derrick screen has become one of the most famous and popular screen, especially in the field of oil exploitation.

On the basis of introduction above, we have known about the history of mud agitator and some main types mud agitators. However, there are still details you need to understand well if you want to buy one. Thus please read deeper introduction before making the decision.

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