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The Introduction of Desilter and Desander

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Both of desilter and desander are mainly used for drilling. Desilter is composed of vibrating screen and other components of the cyclone. Desander water or wastewater from gas flow miscellaneous grains was isolated from the device.

The separation capacity and high separation particle size range of the desilter is extensive. Vortex bottom shows with pressurized umbrella "wet bottom" row sand make the separation of the particles in the discharge quickly, reduce the probability of bottom LiuKou ja. Advanced small two screen shale shaker large quantity, low noise, screen mesh long life. Symmetrical mechanism makes the liquid in vortex distribution is reasonable, stable work.

Desilter is designed based on the principle of particle sedimentation, the fluid separation medium drilling through sand pump to produce certain pressure and velocity. The desilter usages of cyclone wall spiral sink, from the bottom of LiuKou eduction, falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, the rest of the medium has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone of desilter usages.

Here is the Installation and debugging of the desilter. Firstly, silt cleaner should be installed after the desanding cleaner, namely the no. 2 tank tail, smooth base must be placed. In addition to the mud cleaner connected to other equipment import and export pipeline using soft pipeline, and minimize the length and bend. The screen of the tensioning degrees to the right, after the tension of screen should level off without a wrinkle.

The maintenance plays important roles for the desilter usages. The new mud cleaner used for the first time or after the move first before use must remove the screen box lock bolt. Cyclone when stopped for a long time of the desilter, please clean with clear water cycle, prevent dry sand inside the cyclone deposited. Vibration motor note a grease 1500 ~ 2500 hours each time, each bearing oil quantity is 5 ~ 10 ml.

Miscellaneous grains of sand, gravel, coal cinder, or some other heavy solid form scum, the settling velocity and density of the desander is greater than the water easy to decay of organic matter. Set the desander can protect equipment from wear and tear, reduce weight within the pipeline, trench sedimentary, and reduce the miscellaneous grain of a large number of accumulated inside the digester needed to clean up.

General desanding device has two types, namely flat flow grit chamber and aerated grit chamber. Scope of application is mainly suitable for water treatment of raw water, moisturizing and control, such as sand, coal washing water, industrial concentration, solid-liquid separation, degassing of liquid and the miscibility of liquid separation and so on. Desander can be widely used in water source heat pump system, heating water, central air conditioning cooling water, chilled water, steel, electricity, chemical industry and other industrial and mining enterprises, tap water, sea water, surface water, groundwater and so on.

Technical parameters are the treatment effect of sand diameter: > 0.1 mm effluent turbidity: 10 degrees or less water head loss: < 0.02 Mpa 2. Water quality of raw water turbidity: 300 degrees or higher water pressure: 0.25 Mpa or less work temperature: room temperature for the desander.

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