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The Introducing of Some Common Desander Types

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Desander according to its diameter is different, can be divided into the drilling fluid desander, desilter and micro cyclone desander three kind of desander types. (1) drilling fluid desander is 150 to 300 mm diameter and it is called the hydrocyclone desander drilling fluid. It deals with the ability of drilling fluid, in the input pressure of 0.2 MPa is generally not less than 20 to120 meter. The normal work of the drilling fluid desander could translate about 95% larger than 74 microns of drilling cuttings and 50% greater than 30 microns of drilling cuttings. When choosing drilling fluid desander, its license capacity should be 1.25 times then that of the maximum displacement in drilling.

(2) the desilter diameter has 100 to 150 mm cyclone called desilter. In the input pressure of 0.2 MPa when its capacity not less than 10-15 m3 / h. Normal work of the state of the drilling fluid desander can remove about 95% larger than 40 microns of drilling cuttings and 50% greater than 15 microns of drilling cuttings. Desilter licensing capacity should be 1.25 to 1.5 times than the maximum displacement of the drilling.

(3) the diameter of 50 mm miniature hydrocyclone is called micro cyclone desander. Its processing capacity in the input pressure of 0.2 MPa when its capacity not less than 5 m3 / h. Particle separation range of 7-25 microns. Mainly used for the compound drilling fluid to removal of ultrafine particles. Hydrocyclone structure and working principle of the hydrocyclone is a conical vessel with cylindrical parts, the upper cone cylindrical part of the liquid cavity; Cylinder of the lateral one into the fluid pipe, in the form of the tangent and the liquid cavity connection; At the bottom of the container is the overflow mouth, at the top of container is the overflow port or called discharge port.

A hollow circular tube along the axis of the cyclone desander extend from the top to the liquid in the cavity, the circular tube called overflow tube, overflow tube channel on its internal form, so that the drilling fluid on the overflow. The size of the cyclone desander is determined by the diameter of the cone. Drilling fluid containing solid particles under the action of pressure by the liquid into the tube and the liquid cavity in the tangent direction, due to the tangential velocity of drilling fluid made the cyclone desander into centrifugal area. At the top fluid cavity is closed, so the tangential velocity of drilling fluid by liquid chamber at the top of the downward thrust, coupled with the influence of gravity, make drilling down axial movement.

Because of desander types is different, in the process of actual use, should pay attention to the following questions, To ensure that the cyclone desander's former level processing equipment - drilling fluid shale shaker work effectively. Choose as far as possible gracile network of drilling fluid shale shaker, drilling fluid shale shaker cannot occur side stream or cut at the same time, in case of cyclone desander solid-phase overload and congestion. Blocking had a great influence on separation efficiency of cyclone desander, if you found it, you should solve the blocking immediately, or replace it from the manifold.

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