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The Instructions of Shear Pump

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Before the simple train for shear pump users, we will learn the basic knowledge of the shear pump.

1. The role

WJQ5 6-10 shear pump is a kind of special shear polymer and clay and has been used for field use and theory proven machinery. In the drilling fluid system, polymer (or clay) should be sufficiently in advance after shearing, again into the drilling fluid system, in order to give full play to its effectiveness, improve the drilling fluid performance, if there is no sufficient shear, polymer in the first cycle could jam sieve net loss a lot of polymer, to increase the drilling cost, and may also make the large size of solid phased particles in drilling fluid hard and difficult to get rid of; In the completion fluid, because there is no sufficient shear, polymer can produce many "fish eye". These "fisheye" will damage formation, lower the formation permeability, oil and gas production. After proving WJQ5 6-10 shear pump has excellent performance, it can rapidly hydrated polymer (clay) can also provide highly shearing, polymer solution (or clay) in drilling fluid and completion fluid because of poor hydration and prominent problems. At the same time, using WJQ5 6-10 shear pump can make the polymer injection amount reduced by more than 15%, the dosage of betonies reduced by more than 30%, and improve the mud cake and fluid flow loss, reduce drilling fluid shear rate, improve the gel strength, has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, the shaft seal structure is more reliable, more convenient in operation and maintenance.

2. Principle

WJQ5 6-10 shear pump seal adopted composite seal is very reliable, ensure no leakage. Inside the pump is equipped with a 300 mm stainless steel turbine (on the guide vane, the main impeller, 44 nozzle, 4 collection room), and a shear plate, can produce the small end of the more than 25.4 m/s shear (liquid), when the liquid flow through the shearing pump, half (50%) of the liquid in the turbine collection room under the strong push will be two shear. The turbine shear pump is installed in a special base, and the belt pulley, narrow V belt and 55 kW explosion-proof motor drivers, with shearing pump and a size suitable ZHP150 mixed funnel, so formed a perfect hydration system. Due to the improvement of the pump shaft seal, which greatly improve the service life?

Special conditions such as follow the pump installation and application of rules, will further improve its Performance.

Note: The pump cannot be used in activated sludge system, because the system of drilling solid body and barite, they will quickly damage the pump under shear.

Pump installation

the installation position of the pump should be as close to the pumping source, to shorten the length of suction segment, reduction of less suction loss. Pump installed base should be level, solid and reliable, in order to avoid vibration.

The installation of the pulley

A. Two pulley axis must be parallel, and the transverse error must not exceed 2 mm.

B. belts must find positive and tighten.

C. electrical installation must be smooth and firm.

Import pipeline installation

A. Suction pipe must be greater than or equal to the pump flow channel section of sectional area.

B. in the suction line is not allowed to install throttle valve, but can be installed normally open valve to reduce the flow disturbance, the valve can only be shut down in the open when the pump for maintenance.

C. to avoid bubble is formed in suction pipe, pumping source and from high to low transition between pump. If users need to pump in a condition to use suction, use the bottom of the vacuum pump or valve water diversion.

D. pump line must be straight, at the entrance of the length for at least 2 times the diameter of the inlet line.

E. when the temporary use of hose inlet line, must ensure that the hose is not be compressed, because the suction section of the tube is generally than atmospheric pressure, lower under the influence of atmospheric pressure, the hose is compressed, resulting in traffic reduce or even stop.

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