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The Installation of Mud Agitator

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Mud agitator is the kind of machine which maintains the uniformity of drilling fluid and the solid phase particles suspended. The main function of the mud agitator is to keep the drilling fluid stable. The impeller diameter and the rotate speed are consistent with the work volume for the speed of mud agitator is faster than the speed of setting velocity. When the mud agitator is working, there is duration of its work. And the cycling time of mud agitator is the fluid mixer by it. Most mud agitator can work in the cycling time range from thirty to ninety seconds.

Different type of mud agitators has different function. And there are many types of the mud agitator you should know, such as moving agitators, tube type agitators and swing agitator. When you want to know how to install the mud agitator, you should know that what kind of mud agitator you will install first. Generally speaking, there are many matters should attention of the installation of mud agitator.

First, when you prepare to install the mud agitator, you should lift it in horizontal, and it is important to put mud agitator steady on the purpose place. And the ways of how to install mud agitator. So you’d better to read it carefully and regulate the limit as the instruction described. And then, the work is to put the four pairs plug on the tank, and screw the bolt.

If the mud agitator you will install has the rigid couping, you must install a spring pad to stable and reliable. And if you neglect to install it, the deflection of wave wheel and axle might occur. And it is important during the process of the ways of how to install mud agitator that without any noise, cassette, over high temperature and other abnormal cases happen. And it should be get rid of trouble and might be stopped for checking.

And the oil should be enough added during the mud agitator is working, or it will be worked failed. And the speed reducer oil level should keep in the middle of oil-watching window. Most mud agitator use the industrial gear oil. If there is not any industrial gear oil, the other lubricating oil can be add in.

After knowing the ways of how to install mud agitator, you can have a try to the mud agitator. And nowadays, more and more factories use the mud agitator, so the workers have access to the machine. And there are many advantages of mud agitator. Such as the mud agitator can mix the mud in higher efficiency. And it can design appropriate shear force according to the different need. And more information in detail, you can find it in the instruction of the mud agitator. I believe you can take good use of it.

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