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The Installation and Maintenance of Brant Screen

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The history of drilling rigs for the oil drilling operations can be dated back to the late 19th century in China and the United States. As a matter of fact, some of the wells dug at that time are still in use while some others are already on display in local museums. However, before the advent of the internal combustion engines, the oil drilling operation largely depends on the muscle power of man or animal. By the piping system of the oil drilling rigs, they can be roughly divided into the following three categories: cable rigs, conventional rigs and coil tubing rigs. Cable rigs are used to raise and drop the drill bit while the conventional rigs are supported by metal drill pipes of a variety of types. What is mud agitator ? A mud agitator typically consists of agitator impellers, a brant screen and impeller blades.

It is widely used in the oil drilling rigs. To be more specific, a mud agitator is meant to prevent solids from entering the surface mud systems and to ensure that the mixture is homogenous in the system. Thus, a certain volume of mechanical power will be transformed from the impellers into the circulation or even the agitation of the coming fluids. There are generally two types of agitator impellers. The first type is radial flow impeller whose circulation is horizontal in a predominant manner. On the other hand, axial flow impellers have axial fluid movement in terms of circulation.

In addition, a brant screen is typically located in the corners of the mud system. In most cases, the centerline of a brant screen is connected with the flow line and is located at the tank bottom. At the same time, a brant screen is outfitted with four flanges at the inlet, which are meant to link with a matching flange from the feeding mud pump. Therefore, a gasket must be installed between these flanges to prevent the mud from leaking. Once the installation of a brant screen is over, the mud agitator unit can be started when the operators have turned the feeding mud pump on.

The direction of brant screen’s discharge can be modified to meet the specifications of the products by adjusting the flanges and by rotating the swivel. What is more, modern brant screen is easy to maintain if operators perform the following tasks periodically. It is recommended to multipurpose grease the swivel once a week and to visually inspect if the brant screen has any leaks. More importantly, operators need to inspect the flanges of the brant screen to see if they are worn out. If some parts of the machine need to be replaced, oil drilling operators may make orders from its original manufacturers for immediate shipment.

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