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The Important Factors of the Desander

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The desander is composed of impellers, delivering axle, motor, and reducer as well as desander system. And as for how to protect desander, the first step is to pay attention to the protection of these components.

The first important method of how to protect desander is to protect the impeller. Because the impeller goes towards upward, so in the middle of rotation, it is going to make the oil inside of the desander carry out spiral movement. In addition, the direction of the rotational flow should be in accord with the direction of the impeller rotation which is created due to the tangent movement of the oil, so the oil is in flow condition. When under proper impeller degrees and linear speed, and then the materials in the oil will be watered and kept in the ideal working condition. And the organic matters on the grit and refined materials will be escaped from the spiral flow mixed with the impurity. What’s more, the rotation of the impeller decreases the sensitivity degree of the flow exchange that arises from the change of the inflow water quality of the cyclone separator, so as to guarantee the stable performance of the desander pool and low organic materials of the materials escaping.

The desander is one of the important process steps of the prepossessing of the oil drilling. And first step of how to protect desander is to eliminate the grit and impurity inside of the oil to lay the foundation for the follow process steps of the oil developing and to filter the grit and the organic impurity on the layer of the grains. In addition, the centrifugal force and gravity will also influence the performance of the desander. Their function is to make the oil enter into the desander as well as to make sure the high desander efficiency. And the upper spiral flow grit pool and bottom grit gathering hopper of the desander pool are another two important methods of how to protect desander. And both of the grit pool and gathering hoop makes sure that the desander will not influence the performance of the desander. The use of available reduction gears is able to meet the requirements of different water outcome and sand-loading ability. Air raising and pump raising are also important grit raising methods of how to protect desander. And by using the PLC system the desander is able to operate for nearly 24 hours.

What’s more, another method of how to protect desander is the maintenance of the desander. Actually, any device needs the maintenance, including the desander. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the maintenance of the desander is frequent and in time. Only in this way can you prolong the using period of the desander.

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