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The Importance of Centrifugal Pump Applications

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To know why we need to buy centrifugal pump, we must know that centrifugal pump as a kind of widely used machine, it has an irreplaceable position in the development of national economy. In order to better understand and use mud agitator so as to promote the efficient operation, it is necessary for us to understand centrifugal pump system. Here we write this paper to describe the basic structure and working principle of centrifugal pump, in order to make everyone know something about the application of the centrifugal pump, especially mud agitator .

To know why we need to buy centrifugal pump, we also must know that with the continuous development of petrochemical industry, the demand for centrifugal pump is increasing. Centrifugal pump as a kind of rotating equipment for conveying material of continuous strong chemical plant production, it is particularly important. Therefore we need a lot of centrifugal pump that request high temperature medium and high head of lift. During the centrifugal pump operation there will appear all kinds of fault, so how to improve the efficiency of pump operation reliability and life expectancy, as well as to deal with fault timely and accurate judgment is an important means to ensure the production running smoothly.

(1) Let us know exactly why do us need to buy centrifugal pump

In industrial engineering, the pump of solid liquid two phase flow, which is also known as impurity pump, can use a fluid machinery to transport solid particles. Such as mud pump, ash pump and river mud pump and so on, they have been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, food and other industrial and sewage disposal, port of river dredging and other assignments. In recent 10 years, in mining, energy industry, solid content pipeline technology has been rapid developed; impurity pump demand has increased a lot. At the same time, under the impetus of the modern science and technology, high impurity pump tends to the direction of long lifetime, high efficiency and many varieties.

Vortex pump

(1)Vortex pump (or vortex pump, the impeller pump retraction) is suitable for places that requires no clogging, such as pumping food (good fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.), and it has increasingly been common used for pumping water and other solid-liquid mixture.

(2) Sinking pump

Sinking pump is a vertical multi-stage sectional centrifugal pump. It is mainly used for muddy water that contains a small amount of sediment and small particles, also can be used as the flooded mine drainage. It is drainage equipment for coal, metallurgy, mining and defense underground defense engineering.

(3) Vertical centrifugal sand pump

Vertical centrifugal sand pump is a new type of high efficiency no shaft seal pump, it is a low consumption, energy saving impurity pump. It broke through the structure of domestic currently impurity pump. Mud agitator is mainly used for the flow of two phase fluid containing solid suspended particles, such as ore concentrate, tailings, gravel and other solid-liquid mixed slurry, slurry of conveying a foamy effect is better.

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