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The History of The Desander and Desilter

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In terms of the specifications of the desander , originally the extensive use of 6 x 200 mm ? cones group, due to congestion and structural problems, since 1985 began extensive use of ? abroad (10in) 250 mm, 300 mm ? (12in) cones and domestic people in the late 80 s have been largely abandoned ? cones of 200 mm of desander.

In terms of cones materials of desander history, both at home and abroad have done a lot of work, it is generally believed that polyurethane material abrasion resistance is more better. But a serious shortcomings found in use process, the heat resistance is very poor, when the temperature is more than 40 ℃, both strength and hardness are decreasing, and cause the cones rupture and leakage. Therefore, people widely used to increase wall thickness, especially high wear areas near the drip nozzle the wall thickness is very thick. Due to the increase of wall thickness, surface cones of desander has extended the service life, and it has caused serious consequences in fact. Long-term production practice makes people have realized that to prolong life with wall thickness of desander, due to surface shape change and wear it was inevitable damage inside the cyclone and operation fluency, make the efficiency is greatly reduced, or even completely unable to work.

To solve the above problems, some domestic corporations are still in the extensive use of high iron cones desander. And at the same time explore the surface abrasion resistant coatings actively, in the hope that once the cone tube inner surface damage, cyclone cones of desander should wear it out quickly to ensure efficient work.

In cones volute design aspect of desander history, people pay attention to using hydraulics characteristic curve, so that the fluid flow by the linear motion into circular transport, the transition period of hydraulic loss is small; Connection is smooth, and not appear the cavitation phenomenon. For example, has designed the basic DE spiral, logarithmic spiral and involute spiral case of the hydrocyclone. In axial flow, to prevent mutual interference, people also designed spiral flow oriented structure of desander.

In fact desilter is a small diameter of desander, so there are many desander improvement design of structure have also been ported to work on desilter . Worthy of special attention is that early that straight line, one end into the group of fluid mud structure, it is to carry out a proof, the desilter has different inlet pressure, and its running is not stable. Now, desilter has gradually been replaced by press it into a pulp structure.

The history of desander has gone through many years of development, with the development of science and technology, and the improvement of the manufacturing capacity, desander is also becoming more and more advanced, the efficiency is higher and higher, the cost is more and more low, species diversity and functional specialization makes modern desander has been significantly improve performance than ancient desander.

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