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The Function and Type of Mud Agitator

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Mud agitator operator, also known as drilling fluid agitator is used for mixing drilling fluid, making fluid particle float up to prevent them from deposition. In drilling there are usually some dangerous materials, for example, drilling cutting. And there are some useful solid like weighting materials and bentonite should be mixed and floated to keep density of the drilling fluid and make its performance stable. Mud agitator need to work consistently otherwise fluid solid particles will deposit.

To make the mud agitator an ideal performance, choosing the right one is equally important. What factors should we pay attention to when selecting a mud agitator operator? Here are some tips for you.

First and foremost, decide what size you want. For example, how wide, long and deep of the mud tank is very important and decide its efficiency. Choose what type of impeller because different impellers offer different ratio and tank width. You can customize impeller diameter and shaft length on the base of your application. Besides, tips for mud agitator operator, power, or the voltage and frequency to supply the agitator are also a key factor. Oilfield usually has hard mud mixing condition and a good mud agitator provide different weight can largely meet different requirements of different conditions. Some kinds of operators have rugged and sturdy design therefore little maintenance is required. Mud agitator with worm gear is proved to be more reliable and dependant to use and also more smooth and quite to operate.

There are different types of mud agitator operator in the oil drilling fluid solid control system , mechanical and hydraulic are the two most common types. Different agitators offer different function. For example, planet agitator has strong convection which makes deposition of solid particles uneasy. Pipeline agitator can keep fluid moving continuously and it will not stop stirring fluid during the transaction. It is quite small in size and therefore consumes less power. Mechanical mud agitator includes gearing, mixing shaft and impeller. Moving agitator consists of two rotation types, one is a self-rote which depends on bearing center and the other one is subject to tank center.

A Mud agitator composed of several different parts, each part of them is equally important, if you want a perfect performance of mud agitator operator, you need to select its component part carefully as well. Let’s learn some tips about them.

Different production tips for mud agitator operator scale and agitating purpose require different agitating shape and size. Generally speaking, upright cask container is applied if there is no special need. Suitable aspect ratio is important, and if heat transfer is needed, you should set the jacketed structure. Reduction gears should be chose according to power and rotary speed to provide a reliable, convenient operation with high efficiency and low noise. About agitating shaft, it needs to have sufficient torsional strength and bending strength to make sure rigidity. When choosing agitator, the material it used should have efficiency mix and therefore need less power and cost.

The selection of mud agitator operator and its component part is very important to the performance. If you want further tips and information, you are welcome to contact us.

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