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The Features of the Vacuum Degasser

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Vacuum degasser consists of tanks, power system, electric control system, transmission system and other several major components. High quality vacuum degasser uses motors from the domestic famous manufacturer and the valve adopts stainless steel material.

As one of the key equipments of drilling fluid handling system, the vacuum degasser is used to remove gas which is contained in drilling fluid. It is often used to stabilize the performance of the drilling fluid. The degassers used in the oil and gas drilling can be divided into atmospheric type, vacuum type and other forms. But vacuum degasser is the most widely used and the effect is the best. Among the vacuum degassers, the vertical vacuum degasser is widely applied at home and abroad due to its small size and less occupied area.

If the vacuum degasser includes gas in the heating and cooling system, the system is easy to produce gas resistance, which will result in the local or the circulated block of the whole system. That is to say that the heating system is not hot and the cold refrigeration system is not effective. At the same time, because of the oxygen which is contained in the water, heating or cooling equipment, pipes and steel radiator, the system will get the phenomenon of corrosion, perforation and leakage. If the system has gas, it will cause corrosion of the mission pump . Finally it will directly affect the safety of the whole system. Vacuum degasser adopts vacuum degassing method and it can quickly remove the free gas to enable the system’s safe and reliable operation.

At present, vacuum degasser’s performance tests and efficiency evaluation are conducted at the scene, but the scene test conditions have a lot of limitation. Usually it is difficult to analysis of the influence factors of degasser, which is based on test results. Although we use the traditional theory analysis, we can hardly predict the degasser’s performance accurately. Therefore, the application of CFD technology can help research vertical vacuum degasser’s internal flow field and get the analysis of factors influencing the performance of degasser. It can also evaluate the degasser’s efficiency. The results show that separated umbrella’s angle and area have obvious influence on the degasser. So the rational design of angle and area can not only get high degassing efficiency, but also reduce the volume of degasser. Using mixed multiphase flow model, the quantitative prediction of degassing efficiency and the reasonable design can make vertical vacuum degasser’s efficiency keep above 90%.

In recent years, the vacuum degasser market has strong growth. Vacuum degasser in China construction machinery industry export markets is playing an important role. Domestic vacuum degasser has high quality. So it is also popular among users.

We can believe that in the future the vacuum degasser market competition will be strong. Improving manufacturing technology is the key to improve the performance of vacuum degasser. Domestic enterprises should choose the proper market strategy and brand strategy to make efforts to strengthen the development of vacuum degasser market.

Hope you have a better knowledge of the features of the vacuum degasser!

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