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The Features of the Solid Control Equipment

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Generally, the first solid control system characteristic is that the solid control equipment can be classified into shale shaker, cyclone separation as well as centrifugal machine. And the cyclone separator is also able to be classified into grit separator, desilter as well as super cyclone according to the size of the separation particle. And according to the structure of the centrifugal machine, it is possible to be classified into decanting centrifuge and drum centrifuge. And in details, they are able to be classified into all kinds of materials such as polyurethane screen.

The vibrating screen is the main part of the solid control equipment, and it is kind of filtering separation equipment. And the drilling fluid from inside of well should be passed through vibrating screen and then enter into other solid control equipment. And among all kinds of solid control equipments, the vibrating screen is able to show the solid control equipment characteristic perfectly. And the vibrating screen has the features of the fastest separation drilling fluid, and it is a kind of economic separation equipment with high efficiency. And some people say that proper operation of the vibrating screen is the precondition of using other kinds of solid control equipments well.

In addition, another solid control equipment characteristic is that the shale shaker is composed of solid holder, screen frame, screen as well as shaking equipment. And the vibrating form, amplitude, frequency, inclination, number as well as area of the screen all have influence on the quality of the shake shaker. And there are three kinds of the vibrating types of the shale shaker, circle form, ellipse form as well as orthoscopic. Each movement is created by the different places of the vibrator on the centre-of-gravity position of solid control equipment. And the inclination of the sifter is able to reduce the content of the screen. And the straight movement possesses fastened drillings delivering speed and the screen is horizontal, which is able to be inclined to as well.

In addition, the content of the vibrating screen is depended by three parameters, amplitude, vibrating form as well as vibrator rotating speed. And the rotation speed of the vibrator decides the vibrating frequency of the shale shaker. The larger the rotation speed is, the higher the vibrating frequency is, leading to better solid control effects. The screen is able to shake the whole drilling fluid to separate the solid particles. And the vibrating screen with ellipse movement is able to be placed according to different inclination so as to arrange the drillings in a reasonable way. And the screen is the main part of the shale shaker, so if the shale shaker cannot be used properly with proper size, it is possible to reduce the separation efficiency. If there is no reasonable installation of the screen, the screen is easy to corrode and tear down.

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