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The Features of the Mud Agitator

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The mud agitator is a kind of crucial components in oil drilling equipment. And the mud agitator is composed of explosion derrick screen, reducer, and engine base as well as impeller modules. And among all of these components, the electric machine and reducer, the reducer and impeller axle are all connected by the rigid coupling. In addition, the impeller includes four blades.

Apart from what is the mud agitator, understanding the working principle is also a way to know the mud agitator features. The working principle of the mud agitator is that the impeller is able to make the stirring liquid create vortex movement so as to strengthen the stirring effects. And the tray between the blades is also able to prevent the mud solid particles from being deposited at the surrounding of the bottom blades after halting. In this way, it is possible to reduce the resisting moment that the deposition to the blades when starting the machine so as to avoid burning the electric machine due to overload.

Apart from the working principle of the mud agitator, the maintenance and preservation method is also a method to understand the mud agitator features.

1. The installation of the mud agitator should be lifted in a horizontal way and place it on the places where you would like to install the mud agitator. And then remember to fasten the screws like the stack sizer.

2. The rigid coupling of the mud agitator should be equipped with spring pad with reliable and solid features, or it is possible to arouse the deflection of the impeller axle, accelerating the abrasion of the reducer.

3. It is also necessary to check whether there is noise, breakdown as well as too high temperature in the middle of running the mud agitator. If so, it is possible to halt the machine and clear trouble immediately.

4. The oil level of the mud agitator should be kept in the middle of the oil window, which is beneficial to complement the lube frequently. Therefore, it is suggested to use standard industrial gear oil. When it is impossible to meet the requirements, it is possible to use other kinds of lube with proper particles to replace.

In general, the mud agitator features are as follows.

1. All kinds of combination of polyurethane screen and blades can be suitable for most of the demands.

2. The mad agitator possesses higher working efficiency in large vessel with deep depth.

3. The mud agitator possesses proper cutting capacity that is able to fit for the design production.

4. And the mud agitator is able to expose more liquid to touch the air so as to have higher capacity to help to cool the drilling fluid.

5. In addition, the mud agitator features also include its structure. And mud agitator uses arc hollow flank worm reducer with circular arc axle section. It has reliable convex-concave engagement with higher efficiency and compact structure.

6. Using reducer to connect to the explosion proof electric machine has simple maintenance, which is more suitable for the field working condition.

7. In addition, the mud agitator possesses large stirring strength with wide stirring range, reducing the starting resisting moment.

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