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The Features of the Cyclone Desander

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The creation of the cyclone desander is based on the screening theory when the solid particles in the liquid revolve in the desander, which integrates the cyclone and the filtration. And the desander has a significant effect on realizing grit removal, descending the turbid as well as separating the solid from the liquid in water treatment area. This desander has been widely applied in water supply heat pump, water treatment, food, medicine and other industrial sectors.

Cyclone desander is based on the theory of the centrifugal setting as well as the differential density. After the water current entering into the drilling equipment in a tangential way under some certain pressure from the grit removal water intake, the strong rotational motion happens. Because of different density of the water as well as the sand, under the function of the centrifugal power, centripetal force, buoyancy force as well as fluid drag force, the water with low density arise and discharge from the delivery port, while sands with large density drain from the drain outlet under the drilling equipment so as to reach the goal of grit removal. Under some certain range and condition, the larger the intake pressure of the desander is, the higher the grit removal rate is. And it also permits several desanders used in parallel.

The features of the desander are as follows.

1.Simple structure and easy operation. Reliable use with little maintenance.

2.Compared with grit removal equipments such as expand pipe, buffer case, the desander has the advantages of small volume, large processing capacity, which saves the scene space.

3.It is possible to clear off the sand particles in the water in the middle of ongoing water supply.

4.It can avoid the phenomenon of secondary pollution of the water quality that exists in other grit removal methods, so it has high grit removal efficiency.

Matters Need Attention in the Middle of Installation:

1.The cyclone desander should be installed on the main pipelines of the water supply network and fixed on the foundation bed. And there should be bypass between inflow pipe as well as the effluent pipe.

2.In order to make sure the stable water current, it is necessary to install a length of straight pipe that has the samen diameter as the intake pipe in front of the water inlet of the drilling equipment.

3.During installation, it is necessary to put on reserve enough maintenance space around the drilling equipment.

4.As for normal working, it is needed to open the valve of intake and discharge water and close blowdown valve as well as bypass valve.

5.Drain sand and clear off pollution regularly according to the amount of the sand carrying capacity of the source water. When drain contamination, it is necessary to open the down valve until the clear water is discharged. The procedure of pollution discharge has little influence on the normal water usage of the system.

6.If the pollution has been drained, close the down valve.

7.If the sand draining is under pressure, it is better to close the valve of the delivery port.

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