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The Features of the Centrifugal Pump

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The working principle of the centrifugal pump of the de-1000 decanter centrifuge is very complex. Before the starting of the water pump, it is necessary to fill the pump and water inlet full of water. After the rotation of the water pump, the water in the impeller milage has been threw into four directions. After pressed into volute, the entrance of the impeller becomes vacuum. And the water inside of the pool is sucked to fill this space along the slouch under the function of external atmospheric pressure. And then the sucked water will be threw out of the impeller and then enter into water outlet. Therefore, it can be seen that if the impeller of the centrifugal pump of the DE-1000 decanter centrifuge rotates continuously, it is possible to suck water, press water, and then the water on the low places can be raised to high places or further places. All in all, the centrifugal pump of the DE-1000 decanter centrifuge is to raise the water to a high level under the function of centrifuge created by the fast rotation of the impeller.

In addition, the latest centrifugal pump characteristics are as follows.

1. The flow direction of the water has been sucked along the axial direction of the impeller.

2. The centrifugal pump depends on impeller to form vacuum to absorb water, so it is necessary to fill water into pump and water absorbing tube. It is also possible to exhaust air with vacuum pump to exclude air to form the vacuum. In addition, the pump shell and water absorbing tube should be sealed strictly without any leakage. Without vacuum, no water absorbed.

3. There is no absolute on impeller inlet, so the water absorbing height should be less than 10 meters, plus the linear loss created by water passing through water absorbing tube. The practical permitted height is far more less than 10 meters. If the centrifugal pump is installed too high, then it is impossible to such water.

And of course the latest centrifugal pump characteristics include advantages and disadvantages. The centrifugal pump has large flow range with stable pressure. And the centrifugal pump has higher revolutions to link to the electromotor and turbine directly with simple and compact transmission mechanism. And it is also has easy and convenient operation to realize automatic and distant operation.

And there are also the disadvantages of the centrifugal pump, which belongs to the centrifugal pump characteristics as well.

1. Generally, it is necessary to pump priming or use vacuum pump to extract air in the pump before starting.

2. The liquid viscosity has large influence on the performance of the pump. When the liquid viscosity increases, the flow, lift as well as efficiency will be reduced ay the same time.

3. The centrifugal pump will be used under small flow and high lift. The centrifugal pump with small flow has narrow pump runner.

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