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The Features of Solid Control Equipment

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The basic function of solid control equipment is to maximize the removal of the solid phase and to store enough drilling fluid. But no matter how solid control system model is changing, this function is constant. It mainly depends on the mechanical removal of equipment and the organic combination of drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipment to complete the basic function. Well, solid control equipment or solid control system includes different kinds of machines, like stack sizer and so forth.

The quality and performance of drilling fluid solid control equipment is the key of solid phase control technology. Drilling fluid solid control system consists three parts. They are the drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment and electric control equipment. And the purification treatment equipment mainly includes vibrating screen, desander , desilter , deaerator, centrifuge, mixer and sand pump, aimed at environmental sensitive area. It can also deal with recycling of drilling cuttings and liquid p waste from processing equipment.

At present, people focus on development of solids control equipment. For example, the degasser occupies the small area and it has high efficiency and long life, such as equipment with integration of high-speed centrifuge and automatic detection. The control of the solid control system is according to test results.

Foreign solid control equipment has good performance, work stability and long service life. Now our country has realized the standardization of equipment type and series and customization. And some solid control equipments abroad can represent the Chinese companies’ products quality and the quality and performance are with the world level. You can pay special attention to the optimal allocation of solid control equipment with the efficiency of the whole solid control system evaluation, and we can develop expert system for drilling fluid solids control.

The solid control equipment in the dryer in detail is actually a powerful vibrating screen, but screen frame tilts about 10 degrees in order to reduce the loss of liquid. The vibrating screen with mesh screen is three- dimensional waveform screen instead of the linear sieve of traditional plate type. The three-dimensional structure allows gravity to force the oncoming solid to fall down into the fold groove, leave from bulge area and separate the solid from the top of the each fold. So increasing with the amount of fluid, bumps are submerged. And the convex part can increase fluid flow ability. Two layers of fine screen cloth are attached to a layer of coarse screen cloth or three layers of screen cloth together. You can also make it corrugated and then glue on the hole in the board. Waveform screen area is larger than that of ordinary flat screen area which increases by about 40% and the flat screen is about 2 ~ 3 mesh size. Ability to deal with fluid increases by 70% and it is not easy to jam as treatment effect is very good.

In recent years, the theory of the domestic drilling fluid solid control equipment and manufacturing level have deeper development, especially in the aspect of theory research, such as the working principle of vibrating screen and that of cyclone. They have been at or near the world's advanced level, but domestic solid control equipment in the performance, life expectancy and solids control equipment have certain gap with the abroad companies. But mainly material, processing technology, processing precision and the quality of the general equipment can support the use. High pressure and large displacement can be supported by the solid control equipment. Domestic vibrating screen type in the future needs to speed up research and development of drying laundry vibrating screen and crawler type of vibrating screen analysis equipment. Besides the drilling environmental protection is worthy of special working conditions of solid control equipment. When we enrich the types of solid control equipment in our country, we should protect nature.

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