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The Features of Mud Gun on Oil Rig

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The mud gun on oil rig sells about one hundred and eleven Yuan per set. The mug gun on oil rig produced by our company is used for oil rigging. And the solid mud gun system is mainly used for the circle system of mud on oil rig. At the same time, our equipment on oil rig can be used with drilling mud shear pump together. It is also specialized equipment used for avoiding mud precipitating in the mud tank on oil rig. The structure of the mug gun on oil rig is quite easy, which is also an ideal mud gun on oil rig.

Here are the details of mug gun on oil rig of type DN50. The diameter of the type NJQ50-3 is 2", and the pressure of operation is under 1.6 MPa. And this type of mug gun on oil rig has three sprayers which can spin 120° angles. The type of NJQ80-3 has the diameter of 3"". Its working pressure is also under 1.6 MPa which has a function that it can be spined by hand.

As the stack sizer, it has many advantages hen being used in oil rig. The stack sizer could save a lot space and decrease the equipment cost deeply. The high separation efficiency of enhances the quality of production the straight line moving produces superior screening rate and the largest transmit. The lower maintenance cost could promise high quality of construction as well.

By the way, our company provides stolid control system to meet customers’ requirements. Our company is a professional industry that produces mud gun on oil rig, the mud cleaning system, the solid control equipment and solid control system. The rig of mud recycle system and the mud solid control can design different oil rigs, different mud recycle and cleaning system and solid control system of horizontal direction through driller according to the requirements of the clients and the practical program situation.

In addition, our company will provide regular maintenance, system recharging, system instilment and other related service items and lower your cost up to the hit. The solid control system will bring more economical benefits to our clients. Our solid control system company’s mud cleaning system on oil rig is different from other control system produced by the other mud cleaning System Company. All our solid control system rigs are designed and produced all by our company self, so we can make all the equipment combine perfectly and cooperate coordinately. So the whole mud cleaning system could be a unite integral. Our company produces mud gun on oil rig, mud cleaning system equipment and solid control system with specialty. The entire clients are welcome to contact with us.

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