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The Expert Tips of Centrifugal Pump

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Actually, the centrifugal pump is a kind of sand pump with Centrifugal Pump to separate sand from the oil or water in industry. However, after long period wearing off by impurities, the centrifugal pump is easy to break down. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the centrifugal pump. Therefore, there are some maintenance methods from the centrifugal pump expert tips.

The first maintenance method of the centrifugal pump expert tips is to pay attention to the sealing of the components of the centrifugal pump. The main reason that leads to the breakdown of the centrifugal pump is the mechanical sealing, which is easy to cause the leakage. And the leakage reasons are as follows.
1. The leakage on the sealing face of message loop. The main reason is that the flatness and toughness of the end face do not meet requirement or there are scratches on their surface. Another possible reason is that there are solid particles on the end face, which leads to unable to operate at the same time of two end faces. Or the improper installation methods.
2. The leakage on compensated loop. The possible reason that cause this problem maybe the transformation of the gland or nonuniform preload, improper installation, unqualified sealing loop or incorrect choosing of the sealing loop.

The statistics show that the most problems of the sealing parts are in end face of the message loop. And the chap on the surface of the message loop is also the common leakage problem due to the sealing of the sand pump. Therefore, the second maintenance method of centrifugal pump expert tips is to pay attention to the lose efficiency on message loop. And the main reasons of the breakdown of the message loop is too large gap of the sealing surface in the middle of the installation, leakage of the flushing fluid leading to damage on end face.

And the centrifugal pump expert tips also include the requirements after the stopping of the centrifugal pump. It is necessary to close the inlet valve after the stopping of the centrifugal pump, and close valves of subsystem in turn after the cooling of the pump. And the parking of the high temperature pump should be carries out according to the regulation of technological device. It is necessary for the pump to be full of liquid when there are no special requirements. And the suction valve and discharge valve should keep the normally open situation. And the pump to deliver medium of easy to crystallize, solidify and deposit. And it is necessary to prevent the leakage after the pump termination and use clear water or other medium to wash pump and tubes. And it is also necessary to discharge the liquid inside of the pump to prevent from being corroded and cracked.

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