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The Drilling Equipment Working Principle

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Drilling equipment can realize speed adjust through adjust pneumatic. One man can operate drilling equipment at the same time, save manpower; improve the working efficiency by a large margin. Drilling equipment’s operation conveniently and safe and reliable, is suitable to bolt、electric connector assembly、fastening’ s drilling process.

Through drilling to get anticipated result. Drilling equipment can be classed into half-automatic and full automatic, with the increase of human resource cost, most enterprise consider full automatic drilling equipment as its’ development direction. Full drilling equipment’s technique is also promoted with the time.

In geological prospecting, drive drilling tool drilling towards underground, acquire matter geological material. The main function is to drive drilling tool broken rock, is apply to drilling core, ore core, rock waste etc., to verify the condition of material underground and ore resources.

A spindle that touches the object you want to have a hole directly, it bears the great power than transfer the power to the target.

Working principle: with the drill’s rotating, it exerts a large force on the object, a hole is generated. The drilling equipment working principle through shearing and extrusion, in a drilling operation, material originally occupy the hole is out.

Drilling machine’s types:

There are a wide of Desander, including simple portable, and most complex automatic, some of which can realize its function automatically.

Portable drilling machine: its’ weight is small, volume is small and compact. It is driven by a small electric motor, but it cans also operating at a high speed. since it is small and portable, it can drilling holes in the target without too many limits, it can executed in any position.

Sensitive drill machine/press: its’ weight is light, its’ speed is also very high.

Base, column, table and drill head constituted the main operating parts of a machine.

Base: the base is a heavy casting part, which supports the machine; it provides rigid support.

Column: the column may be of round or box shape, it holds the worktable.

Table: the table may be rectangular or round. It is carried by the column. The degree between the table’s surface and the column is 90 degree, work pieces can be fixed directly to the table securely.

Drilling head: the drilling head is close to the top of the column, these units transmit rotary motion to the drill spindle, its’ speed can be different according to the requirement.

Thus the system can execute the progress of drilling and reach the result you want.

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