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The Drilling Equipment Full of Secret Nooks

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What is the drilling equipment? drilling equipment mainly consist of many parts including the system of upgrading, rotating system, the circulatory system, transmission system, driving system, controlling system, rig substructure and auxiliary equipment eight systems. The drilling equipment generally has a lifting device which includes auxiliary brake, the hoisting system, derrick and other components of the system.

And what is the drilling equipment working principle? In general, while the turntable is working, air compressor will use it to replace the mud pump and use the compressed air instead of mud washed well, usually the utilization of back cycling, also known as air-lift reverse circulation. It is suitable for the area with more deep well and less water or boreal permafrost. Then the drilling equipment of pressure power head because it is driven by a hydraulic motor through decelerator, and to move up and down along the tower to replace the turntable and the tap rotary dial on the drilling equipment, the drilling equipment drive drill pipe and drill wells to reeling cut rock due to the hydraulic drive motor through a speed reducer, and to move up and down along the tower instead of the rotary power head and taps on the rotary drilling rig, drilling drive rotary cutting rock drill and drill bit. Drilling is the process of the cylindrical bore drilled into the formation of a predetermined depth by drilling equipment. By the method with rock fragmentation and the types of used tools, it can be divided into churn drill and rotary drilling. The churn drill is also known as percussion drilling.

The head of churn drill is sent into in the bottom of the well by a tightrope, and driving the power of beam body, so that one end of the beam up and down movement, and led tight rope and the head of drilling equipment impact up and down to make the rock broken. The speed rate of churn drill is slow and the efficiency is low, so it cannot meet the drilling requirements of complex formation in increasing depth and gradually was replaced by rotary drilling. However, every coin has two sides. It also has a few advantages including simple operation, low cost and no pollution in the reservoir, so it can be used in some place such as Desander low pressure, leakage and other oil and gas wells.

According to the approach to power delivery, the rotary drilling can be divided into the turntable drilling and drilling. The power drill for underground used drilling tools to drive the drill bit to break the rock. When drilling, the drill stem does not rotate and that lead small erosion and long lifespan. So it is particularly well for directional drilling. The power drill for underground generally has the turbo drill, the screw drill and the electric drill. And so on. Drilling used by power drill for underground is drilling fluid-driven by the use of turbine drill, screw drilling and percussive rotary drilling.

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