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The Different Types of Screens and the Mining screen

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The screen, using woven materials such as silk, metal wire or synthetic fibers, has uniform and stable surface holes with the role of screening and filtration for industrial use. The specifications of the mesh is often according to holes per unit length but also be indicated by the width of each hole.

According to the materials of the screen, the screen is separated into three types: silk screen, wire mesh screen and synthetic fibers.

The different fineness of silk screen is selected according to the specifications, using the whole skein of silk tissue, half hank weave or a plain weave through the similar manner of the woven mesh fabric. The whole skein is used under the small number of mesh while the half-hank weave or the plain weave is utilized under the large number of mesh. The size of the silk screen mesh is 4-62 holes/cm, mostly for the screening of the food industry but also for wheel grit emery cloth factory to filter with different thickness. And the silk screen is not used as mining screen which needs mesh with high-temperature and wear resistance.

Metal screen Such as king cobra screen and mongoose pt screen is used with yellow copper, phosphorus copper and stainless steel wire. Most of the wire diameter of 1-0.02 mm. The weaving method of the metal screen generally is plain, twill, seat-shaped weaving. Metal mesh has eyelets clear and correct. And mesh is very flat with high-temperature and wear resistance. Moreover, he stainless steel mesh is also resistant to corrosion. Therefore, the metal mesh is taken advantage of filtering powder or oil. And some of mining screen is metal screen and the metal mining screen is widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, salt, environmental protection and other industries.

There are three types of synthetic mesh: polyester, nylon with filaments, brown nylon. Filaments are used in monofilament denier within 15-30. Synthetic screen with filaments has smooth surface and its mesh is conducive to filtered. And it widely used as printing, making IC PCB and CRT phosphor can be used for screening the magnetic tape and the like fine particles. Brown silk with a coarse nylon has diameter of 0.55 to 0.2mm, mostly used in mineral processing, pulp filtration, conveyor belts, etc. The synthetic mesh has no rust, corrosion and other characteristics which can replace some of the metal mesh. That’s why, the synthetic screen is also used as metal mining screen the same as the metal mesh.

Generally speaking, the silk screen cannot be used in the mining screen while the metal screen and synthetic screen can be used as mining screen. However, the metal screen and synthetic screen have different kinds of characteristics so that you, as a customer, should not only pay attention to the size of the mesh of your mining screen but also the material of the mining screen. There is no denying that mining screen with the mesh in suitable size and the correct size can be an amazingly good helper in your work. So you should really carefully choose your mining screen.

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